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Adding false cuffs to trousers

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I just got a pair of trousers from Chan to go with a suit they made for me previously. Originally, the suit was made with pleated, cuffed trousers; I wanted to get an extra pair of pants to extend the life of the suit and decided, for variety, to go with plain front, no cuffs. Well, when I wore the new pair of trousers today, I decided I didn't like them. It's either one of two things: 1) I'm used to a fuller American style break and Chan's given me a slighter Saville Row style break; or 2) while I like the look of no cuff trousers with more casual and sturdier shoes, I don't like the way they look with the AE Park Avenues that I normally wear with this suit.

So, what to do? One option is to simply get used to the Saville Row look and recognize that it's a well established and respectable look. Another option is to have a tailor let out the hem a bit to give the pants a fuller break. The third option, and the one I'm leaning towards is having a tailor add a real or false cuff. There's 2.5 inches worth of extra material to let out. I assume that the tailor would have to add a bit of material for weight.

A few questions, then, related to the third option. How easy will it be for a tailor to perform this operation, and more importantly, will it look okay? Also, should I request some additional material from Chan for it? Finally, should I wait for Chan's next tour and have them to do it then?
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To do a real cuff, you need about twice the cuff height plus at very least 1/4" to sew extra material onto, preferably more. So you could probably get a 1" cuff out of this, which would look bad.

For false cuffs I will leave the math up to someone else, but I think you have enough to do it.
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You don't need the extra pants right away.
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Go with Option 1. Just get used to it. Best case scenario, you might actually like them and they might go with shoes you will buy in the future. Worst case scenario, you just where the original set of trousers with teh suit, and these sit in the closet. It's not like you can't wear the suit now. I wouldn't mess around with them.
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