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The likeness is nice, but the artist slummed it right the hell up with the background. The awkward tension created by the urn sitting at where the top of the couch sits is really distracting.
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For presidents, I'd have to go with Reagan and Bush I. However, for American politicians, I'd probably go with Mit Romney.
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Necropost with some Dubya

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Originally Posted by radicaldog View Post
The breast pocket on that Caraceni is perfection. As for the man, well, don't get me started.

Portuguese prime-minister, Jose Socrates, once revealed in a TV interview that he started buttoning the top of his 3 buttons jackets after Berlusconi telling him something like "It would look better on you, I know because I was a taylor's apprentice".
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Great thread! As a new poster I appreciate this bump.

I know this is a painting, but this man definitely had style.

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JFK by a country mile that man had class and knew how to get an attractive bit of ass!
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Originally Posted by BPFT View Post
Might not agree with his politics, but the man has some style and charisma.
Strangely enough, Berlusconi actually looks better when he doesn't dye his scalp starting at the hairline. Somebody mentioned Willie Brown. In a recent interview, Brown was asked why he thought people made such a big deal about his clothes. His answer was vintage Brown: "Because I make a big deal about them!" (EDIT - Here's the quote: http://articles.latimes.com/2010/aug...own-20100821/4)
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Dig the wild suit Reagan has on in this - http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video...bad.cnn?hpt=C2
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Best dressed president debate ends at Harry S. Truman...


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I don't know who the best dressed president is, but I like the way LBJ orders clothes:

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a few things i read recently. Obama is better at formal than Bush, and Bush better at casual than Obama. after seeing Obamas vacation pictures and Bushs ranch photos, and both of their White House photos....maybe they were right. Bush didnt look comfortable in a suit...neither did Romney.
I did read than Obama is only wearing a navy suit these days. probably true from what Ive seen. at least 90%
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