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Iron Recommendations

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My iron died on my the other day and am in the market for a new one. Would love to get some recommendations. My biggest complaint on my last iron was that the steam feature didn't work well. I'm looking for one that has a nice steam feature and one preferable that you can control (like the commercial ones if thats possible).
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Rowenta. I have the $80 version. Lots of steam, reasonably heavy, water tight filler "hatch," never leaks.
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Another vote for Rowenta - some nice models can be found on eBay at a discount - that's where I found mine.. no drip, nice steam output.. nice iron.. cost me like 70.
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I have a Rowenta Pro (circa 2001) that replaces a Rowenta Something-glide, and I love the Pro. The glide one was weak.

BTW, Rowenta's portable steamers (last I checked) are terrible, look for the E-Steam portable steamer (it's better than my big Jiffy commercial model).
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Ditto. I recieved a Rowenta Precision for a Christmas gift. Its a keeper.
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Bought a Black and Decker to replace a Rowenta and have been happy with it.
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Another vote for Rowenta. I have the pro model and love it.
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Yet another vote for the Rowenta Pro. I wonder why there are so many bad reviews on Amazon? I've never had a problem with mine. It's great.
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Got the Rowenta Perfect as a wedding gift and love it. Damn thing shoots steam about 4 feet.
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I very happy with the Rowenta Pro I bought recently. Get a good solid ironing board too. I use to have one of those cheap and flimsy models, and the difference was huge going to a new model with wide deck and very solid construction.
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Another vote for Rowenta
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black and decker d2030, works great
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I have a Rowenta Ultra Pro that I paid $130 about 3-4 years ago. It was great at first. The iron used to produce a prodigious amount of steam. Now it barely makes enough. The built in sprayer stopped working after about 12 month of use. I assume both problems were caused by hard water deposits accumulating inside the iron. If you plan to use filtered or distilled water you may not be affected by the types of problems I am describing. I did get a separate plastic spray bottle to replace the built-in sprayer and it works great. I want to take the iron apart and see if I can clean it but Rowenta uses special hex security bolts that I have yet to find the correct bit for.

I remember mr. Kabbaz was writing about his preffered commercial iron on the other forum in a similar thread but I can't find it now.
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A voice of dissent against the Rowenta: bought the Rowenta Pro about a year ago. Followed all the instructions. Still the damn thing leaked water and spotted almost from the moment I plugged it in. I returned it within a few days.
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Originally Posted by billiebob
Yet another vote for the Rowenta Pro. I wonder why there are so many bad reviews on Amazon? I've never had a problem with mine. It's great.

I'd trust the opinions here over random Amazon or EPionion write-ups; granted, a few guys here have had Rowenta "lemons".

Amazon reviews remind me of the reviews on Tirerack, where a lot of reviewers just don't seem to know what they're talking about . . . "I bend the sidewalls of these Pirelli PZeros too much when I corner hard in my minivan, they suck".
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