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Classical music label Warner Classics, considered one of the major recording labels in classical music (the others being EMI, the Universal Group's labels (DG, Decca, Philips), and Sony-BMG, which includes RCA, Sony, and Columbia) will cease active recording of classical music and will be absorbed by the reissue division of Warner Music. Article can be found at:


This is troubling because Warner's wonderful stable of musicians, which includes Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Daniel Barenboim, and the current incarnation of the Beaux Arts Trio, among others, will be left without recording contracts. Barenboim has (or had?) a separate recording contract with EMI for solo releaes, but he just released his first recording of the Well-Tempered Clavier for Warner, so I'm not sure if he's an EMI artist anymore. The announcement also flies in the face of the recent New York Times piece (no idea of the URL, though it was in last weekend's Sunday edition) that declared classical music to be healthier than ever; this move by Warner highlights the dire straits of the classical music recording industry and the unprofitability and cultural relevance of classical music today.