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When exactly would white shoes be acceptable?

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So, I'm obviously new to the forum, and though I'll admit I do have an eye for style, my personal style probably isn't congruent with what exactly this forum is about, since about 75% of my clothes are from American Eagle. And my "nicer" stuff (dress shirts, suits, etc) is from menswear stores. Also, I'm 18, and most of the guys at my school seem to have no clue that fashion encompasses a bit more than what they wear to the gym.

Anyway, I saw these white loafers at the mall the other day, and at first I thought, "White shoes? Oh hell no," but later, after looking at some other white loafers online, I decided I really want some. And then I wondered what exactly I could wear them with. I'm sure yall know a lot more than I do about this, so wanna help?
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You have an eye for style, put something together
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Wearing white shoes is always a challenge because they can look pimpish or Miami Vice.

Some Gentlemen from this forum are wearing them with elegance but they know how to create a great combo without overdoing it.

If you're a nonchalant Southern gent, you might pull it off.
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White shoes can provide a nice pop if you go out of your way to make sure the rest of your outfit is less gaudy. Minimalist selvage jeans, a beat up belt, and a close fitting work shirt might be a fun contrast.
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If you don't know what you'd wear it with it's best not to get it. You can always find a pair in the future when you've got a more clear idea
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It may sound horrible, but it's actually not that bad... I have one pair of light blue torn jeans (from AE, btw) and I like how my white loafers look with those. I don't wear that ensemble a lot though...
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I bought a pair of suede white loafers when I was younger for exactly the same reason. They looked great in the store and I thought I could wear them with jeans. I wore them twice and will probably never wear them again. It just doesn't work (unless you like looking like a guido).

Buy brown loafers instead - trust me on this.
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i bought a beautiful pair in greece - supple capped shoe with patent toe part - used them for two weddings. I stored them away for the winter but can find a photo. I tailored off a white tuxedo shirt at the shoulder, had a bespoke silver silk waistcoat made and wore silver shades and white trousers.
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White shoes go great with so many things, for example; white suit, white shirt, white tie, white sunglasses, white socks, white skin and bleached hair (for the ultimate in trashy guido tone on tone). I'm kidding, I actually think they work great with casual, but not too casual looks, depending on the type of shoe. I think that white shoes are fine, so long as you generally don't wear them with suits (trashy segments of society have ruined this look, white shoes look horrible with dark suits, and as for white or light suits, tan and other light brown shoes commonly do the job better anyway). Also, be careful with pants that are too dark (i.e. black) or perfectly match (white CAN work, but be careful, it's a minefield strewn with the trashy bodies of society's leftovers). BTW, I have a pair of black-and-white spectators and blue suede shoes with subtle toecaps, yet still don't own any completely brown shoes, so my shoe wardrobe has been a little bit strange in its priorities.
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I wouldn't wear 'torn jeans'.
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Originally Posted by BareSolid View Post
I wouldn't wear 'torn jeans'.

+1, if you wear this combination, the only people who will ever want to talk to you or be seen with you will be guidos and Ibiza drug dealers.
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White makes a shoe informal, so to avoid the Miami Vice / Aldo look you need a formal shoe and formal everything else. Brooks used to make white wingtips which are about as casual a shoe as will work in white, and they work with a sportcoat and tie. Anything less formal than that and you're underdressed (or a pimp).
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White bucks, but other than that, I'm not a fan.
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If you're looking for a white dress shoe for high school I wouldn't bother.

Just pick up a classic pair of white Converse All Stars and be done with it.
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