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Shoe buffer, a nice luxury

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Certainly you have seen this shoe buffing machines that sit on the floor. They have been around for years and come in a range of quality levels. I used to own one (now pitched) that was ok but you could stop the motor with any degree of pressure on the buff wheel pads.

If you own one of these machines, your experiences would be helpful. Any brand recommendations, sources, etc.
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The good ones have lambswool brushes and high torque motors, but I don't know if I'd really recommend them anymore. My reasoning is that they are only good for a touch-up, but by using them for a touch-up you are exposing the brushes to the dirt on the shoes, which then probably stays on there and scratches shoes from then on. If you do a mirror shine to the toe of your shoe, this will probably take it off to some degree. If you don't mind that, then they are definitely convenient before walking out the door.

From what I have read, the cheaper ones are not worth bothering with. Get a heavy duty one or nothing.
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In my opinion, office conversation piece only, but go heavy duty and vintage, minus the tall handle . . . foot switch only. Very 1960's, red carpet, men's club lunch . . . London Chop House restroom for those of you from Detroit.
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Make your own from a bench grinder.
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Originally Posted by dusty
Make your own from a bench grinder.

Would you recommend the 60 grit or the 36 grit for polishing my C&J Handgrades?
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Don't use one at a public place. A lot of men's stores have them. A law firm I use has one in the men's restroom. I used it once and the prior user must have had shoe polish caked on his shoes as it streaked off on my shoes. The polish happened to be black and my shoes weren't... What a freakin mess.
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They remind me of pedestal ashtrays in Cold War era Hiltons.
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