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Polish shoes before wearing?

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I bought some new allen edmonds (my first pair) and also bought some of the premium shoe polish from the store, should i polish them before wearing them? I thought i had heard that you should do that somewhere before?
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I'm sure if you search this topic you would find plenty of advice. I prefer to polish new shoes before wearing because then the inevitable scuffs can later be buffed out, since the wax provides a thin layer of protection.
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I'd say yes - one more, albeit thin, layer of protection does no harm at all.
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I tend not to, but it doesn't hurt to do so.
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Also condition the shoes, nobody knows how much they spent in their boxes.
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I don't get this; is this a polish joke?
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I would definitely reccomend polishing any new shoes before wearing them. most shoes that are purchased 'off the shelf' do not have any protection on the leather after being finished at the factory. Some retailers do polish as a service to their customers, with myself, all shoes are polished by hand before being shipped to my customers or before being picked up. Black is black and therefroe that's the colour you use, for various browns try using the nearest colour to the leather. For a high shine use a lint free cloth and use one or two fingers wrapped in the cloth, apply some polish to the cloth and work into the leather in a circular motion, dab the cloth very lightly into a little water and continue the circular motion of polishing and then do the same again and again until you start to see the shine coming through. By doing this you will create a good protective coating for your shoes aswell as making them look very nice indeed. I use Kiwi nearly all the time but have also had a cream made up that i use aswell. I hope that you find this of use.
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I wonder what shoes the polish wear, I must admit this is the reason I clicked, it is getting late here.
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Only if they need it, don't go polishing them just for the heck of it.
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I usually give them some conditioner and polish, it won't hurt and I'd like to think it helps.
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Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff View Post
I don't get this; is this a polish joke?

As soon as my two friends and I finish changing the light bulb, I'll get back to you.
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^^^ Try not to break the bulb as you pull it out of his ass.
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The only time I have needed to polish new shoes, were display models; do not see the point of polishing shoes when not required. Although I do use a horsehair brush before wearing any new shoes.
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I typically condition and polish new shoes before their first wear. Is it necessary? probably not. It isnt going to do any harm so you at most waste time.

No reason not to
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