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Changing permanent stays into removable

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Just got a few Jantzens and neglected to ask for removable collar stays. I was wondering if anyone here had ever tried simply cutting the sewn sleeve that holds the permanent stay, slipping it out, and slipping in your own stay when wearing.

Does it work? Well? Are there any drawbacks to this approach?

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The same thing happened to me on about 5 Jantzen shirts. My fault.

The truth is, I have been pretty impressed with the built-in stays. They are broader than your typical removable stay, and they work great after many washings. Not that I would intentionally order shirts that way, however.

See if you don't agree before taking the trouble of retrofitting them. It seems like it could be done, but I can't see how you could stitch the channel. I think this is done before the interlining is put in the collar.
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At Jantzen's prices, a tailor would charge too much. Maybe, just take what you would have paid a tailor and get new Jantzen shirt(s) with the removable ones. And wear the others until the non-removable ones fall out/wear out.
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Have you had problems with the permanent stays such as when pressing?
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You usually can not make the switch Unless there is a stay pocket.
Usually the stay is stitched to the fusing. Then there is not need for the stay pocket.

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I asked for removable stays with my Baron shirt, which I then replaced with a couple of brass ones from the fifteen buck set I got at Dillard's.
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