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Horace I Am Sorry  

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I Didn't Mean What I Wrote In The Email When I Had One Too Many. I Have Read More About What You Did Here And On Aaac. Now I See You Were Right About Malinda..but Still Some Of The Things You Wroote I Don't Agree With. Why Don't You Respect Harris? Please Repson D To My Email Just So We Can Clear This Up.
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Why Do You Use Capitals For Every Word? By The Way, Horace Is Banned Here Too
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What I find curious is the way some use the term Troll for the collective on the FNB forum.
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Why is it that every post by Old Dover trad relates to Horace?
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Old Dover Trad. We are not going to discuss the politics of the other fora here. If you wish to communicate to Horace about this stuff, please don't do it here.

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