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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post
Here's an interesting piece from the Hollywood Reporter on Conan's contract and why NBC was willing to pay so much to break it.

lol pwnage.
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I used to watch Conan on the Late Night show on CNBC and I allways liked him much better than Leno, even though his kind of humour wasn't probably suited for an earlier timeslot. I don't get the CNBC Network at home since I moved to Zürich more than 2 years ago, so I haven't been able to watch him on the Tonight show. How was the show in terms of quality ? are there links on the web to something of it to watch ?
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People overexaggerated how poorly he did. Honestly, it was still solid after the first 2 months when he got comfortable. Actually, i'd say he started to hit his stride after the whole concussion incident in september or october whatever it was. He was defintiely a bit confused on how to keep his same smart (but dumb stuff as well) and more crass "immature" humor at an 1130 timeslot with lots of advertisers, different audience and execs to pander to. It wasn't as good as his old Late Night show but definitely better than Leno who isn't a naturally funny guy and basically is a doormat for NBC to plug their crappy shows/movies. It's not even about the lead in but every talk show is shakey at first. Leno had miserable ratings for the first year or two. I think with time Conan would've found a better balance and figured out his new voice at 1130 and done it very well. He's an extremely well educated, intelligent and gifted comedy writer and comedy personality (ask anyone who has worked with him or watch some early simpsons dvds with commentaries and listen to the stories about him) so he'd figure it out. But expecting someone to come in and dominate leno immediately is kinda silly. Especially as late night talk shows are so splintered and nich now with every network and every culture having their own show now. Fallon is going after the under 20 crowd and hoping to keep them as they age, leno/letterman are older white people or the occasional star gazers when big guests are on, wanda sykes has something i think, george lopez, jimmy kimmel is doing well, and there are more. I think at a network like Fox he'll do really well. Their demographic is a bit less of the Matlock crowd like Leno/Letterman and also Fox does an exceptional job at advertising their brand and their stars. NBC didn't really do anything for Conan outside commercial or two. On fox you'll see conan probably get the whole "fox treatment". He'll probably be a guest judge on american idol one episode, have commercials during bit fox shows, get other little guest spots, and they'll talk him up big. Fox doest a pretty good job at that and CBS did an outstanding job with Letterman when he first started up 17 years ago. They marketed him as a star well back then and i assume fox will do the same unlike nbc who just hoped that conan would instantly become a star with the masses with no help
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Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak View Post

Your link is messed up. Remove the part

Also, lol at the comment on that article someone made

"I didn't know Uncle Tom's cabin had a door in it"
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I've never wanted a Twitter but I am a little tempted to make one just to follow him.
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I just bookmark ppls twitters that I like.
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Yea, if someone is advising him he's doing a pretty good job. Twitter, live shows, maybe a podcast (or make some podcast apperances to support the liveshows) is a good way to stay in the spotlight. He definitely has to keep a little bit of momentum going into next fall and whatever show he tries to do next. That kinda hurt him disappearing from february to june last time without a trace.
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Was able to score tickets this morning!
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Originally Posted by sonick View Post
Was able to score tickets this morning!

You lucky fuck. DC was sold out in a lickity split.
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I figure this would be as appropriate a place as any: November 8th, TBS. Conando is back, baby. He's the lead-in for a late George Lopez (who, while unfunny, is still loads better than Leno and Fallon, imo, and much much more of a gentleman). Who's stoked?
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