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Conan may be replaced by Leno

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this makes me so sad!
coco's monologues have gotten longer and generally aren't as good, but he's still a better interviewer and talk show host than leno!
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"Jay Leno is one of the most compelling entertainers in the world today. "

- from NBC.
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when this happens, I sure hope Conan gets picked up by another network and put on a show on the same slot and beat Leno's ass.
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Conan will never beat Leno, let's be serious. Edit: Oh and I don't just say that because I'm a Leno fanboy (I'm not). I just don't think Conan has the draw Leno does, and he likely never will.
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That sucks for poor Conan. I also wonder if Jay doesn't have the taint now. Once you stop watching someone, how likely are you to start again?

I thought Jay's Tonight Show was horrible, think his current show is horrible, and would not watch him at either 10 or 11:30.
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i want conan to do late night again, his jokes aren't the same anymore.
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Johnny Carson is rolling in his grave.
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Bill Hicks expressing his love for Jay Leno (long time Off The Artistic Roll Call Forever guy):
"Selling Doritos on TV? What a fuckin' whore. And not even when he needed the money either, you know? If you're a young actor, I'll look the other way, but the guy makes $3 million a year, he decides to hock Doritos to make more money. You don't got enough money you fucking whore? You've got to sell snacks to bovine America now? It's Satan fucking him in the ass on national TV man . . . fuck . . ."
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Now they're talking about Leno at 11:30 for a half-hour followed by Conan at 12:00. Its pretty sad how badly NBC is screwing up this whole thing. Then again, the decision to move Leno to 10:00 in the first place was idiotic.
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Way to destroy the Tonight Show, NBC. It's just been on for 56 years.
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Did Leno hide in a closet to listen in during an NBC executive meeting for this too?
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Leno seriously sucks.
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i really dont give a crap (havent watched these late night shows since college) but why would moving leno from late night to 10pm mess up ratings? different viewers?
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It's a matter of scale, really. Leno's ratings at 10 aren't far off his ratings at 11:30, but his ratings at 11:30 were far, far less than the numbers NBC has traditionally pulled at 10. Affiliates depend on the 10 p.m. show to lead into the money-making local news, and they're extremely unhappy that Jay has been dragging them down. Particularly alarming is that Leno's show has been attracting fewer viewers than some of the shows on cable nets such as Bravo. That's shocking for one of the big three networks.

NBC knew Leno would never draw the numbers that a scripted program would, but they thought he'd do better than he has, and that the cost savings would balance out the loss of viewers. But the whole plan has backfired. As it stands, Leno's ratings are in the tank, local affiliates' 11 p.m. news ratings are in the tank, and the Tonight Show ratings are in the tank. Things have turned out about as poorly as they could have.
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