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Computer Virus question

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For any tekkies out there: Something has a hold of my computer and it keeps resetting my home page to this:

A window pops up telling me the dangers of this virus: W32.Myzor.FK@yf

There is also a window telling me my IP, where I am located and stuff, I guess a hi-tech version of "We know where you are, where your kids sleep, etc." It tells me to download software. I have not done so because it just doesn't look right.

I swept my machine with McAfee a couple of times and it killed a Trojan virus I had picked up, and said it was now clean. I also ownloaded and ran Windows Defender from Microsoft and it said everything is fine.

The most irritating thing is this "Net Security" page in the above mentioned URL keeps defaulting itself to become my home page, no matter how many times I reset it.

Anyone have any idea of what this might be?
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You can try that, I dont know how well it will work.
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You could try downloading: Ad-Aware Spybot And run them to see what they find and if you can get rid of it. If that doesn't work, it may just be easiest to do a re-install of Windows. Of course, this depends on how much data you have on your hard drive, and if you can back it up (burn to cd/DVD). Edit: Also, you might want to try using Firefox instead of IE for web surfing. It is a bit more secure, and easier to lock-down
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Removal instructions at

The only spyware removal programs I'd recommend are the aforementioned Adaware and Spybot. There's far too many scam programs out there.
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Thanks all. I tried TS's suggestion and it seems to be working fine.

I got some malaware is what I had, and it kept redirecting my home page to some bogus anti-spyware software. I am on a dialup right now because my DSL is not working, and apparently the DSL has a nice firewall built in, while the dial-up does not, hence my problems.
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