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The thing I love about SF is that people actually take the trouble of wearing nice suits, ties, and shoes on a Sunday just to show me their picture.
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Gentlemen, here are your tied entries for 3rd place... all awesome entries!

Originally Posted by oneeightyseven View Post
I love that you're generous enough to do this. This forum, although it has its bad apples, is full of nice and generous people. There are a lot of members here who go out of thier way for others or just do genuinely nice things for another. Basically I love the comradery that exists. Not looking for the tie though, just putting my two cents.

Originally Posted by esq View Post
Amen to the comraderie. It's instant and real, and I'm looking forward to the time I actually bump into someone familiar with this site and we talk 'bout threads.

I also love the posters who invariably say "oh oh oh oh! I WOULD get that $1200 Thom Browne overcoat, but dang it, it's the wrong size!" I think I'm guilty of that once or twice, but I love me so at least I'm consistent.

Originally Posted by tweedydon View Post
I'll never wear this tie--it's way too nice for me as a junior academic, and I'd be terrified of spoiling it, so please don't take my 2c as an "entry"!

I too love the comradeship of this forum! Through the generosity of others I've secured some beautiful clothes incredibly cheaply that I couldn't otherwise have afforded, and have had several members educate me on their particular interests by PM when they were selling things related to them that I was interested in. I now carry a beautiful French pocket knife everyday as a result!

And, as a seller (mainly of tradly items, like tweeds) I love how decent and straightforward people are here. I've sold things to members in many different countries, and everything's always been smooth and straightforward. This forum, for all the occasional spats, really confirms my belief that people are fundamentally decent and pleasant. And, of course, I'm happy to "pay forward" the getting of lovely things to people.

Thanks, chaps!

Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post
I have been on this forum for a little under a year, and what I enjoy most about this forum is the sheer generousity of the people on it, and the encouragement people give towards others. Leafing through WAYWT, I see hundreds of pages of compliments, and hundreds of pages of encouragement. I think the world would be a little bit of a better place if people took this same attitude towards people in the real world

My 2c

Originally Posted by razl View Post
As a relative newbie myself too, big ditto.

I am thankful to the entire SF community - helpers, informants, snarks, industry moles, sartoriale wonks, grousers, WTFAYWN nuts, the whole friggin' lot of you - for your knowledge, your time, and your efforts. Here's hoping I can give back even 1% of what I've already received.*

[*this is not an entry, someone else needs that tie!]

Originally Posted by artoftime View Post
This is quite good hearted of you, M -
I love that all of my worst fears about men, being as neurotic and clothing obsessed as women are confirmed.
The Forum has a unique hierarchy - pecking order, etc - and within an incredible wealth of useful information. The personalities and attitudes are as cultivated and unique as anywhere in the world and ultimately a forum where we all are here to discuss, heckle, torment, entertain ourselves on the matter and in the interest of looking great. Bravo to SF and this thread.

Originally Posted by JohnnyO12 View Post
I love that this whole site has given me a new outlook with regards to dressing, shopping and the beginings of some new found friends. It is nice to see that men can come from many walks of life, from many places on the globe and have something incommon besides sex, drink and food!

I enjoy the education I get all the time from reading posts, I love the ability to hop on here and ask a quick qustion, knowing I will get an answer shortly, and that answer will be honest, and dependable. (not the question of "does this make my ass look big"?)

This is a great place to build friends, not just a wardrobe.

I wish all a grea 2010, and look forward to deeping/establishing friendships.
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...and your tied entries for SECOND place... all amazing! Special note to HolyMadness who really gave me the lulz for a good 10 minutes with his entry!

Originally Posted by Incman View Post
I love many things about the B&S forum on SF.

First off (and a pretty obvious one), I love the amazing deals that can be procured on here with just a few clicks of the mouse. Being a first year university student without much money, B&S has helped me get things that would otherwise have been too expensive to purchase. For example, I got a nice interview suit for $50, whereas without B&S i would've been stuck going to Men's Wearhouse or something and paying more for an inferior suit.

Secondly, I love the friendliness, helpfulness and generosity of the people on B&S (and SF in general). This thread is a perfect example of that. The tie in question was gotten through a very generous offer on the part of DoctorJ , who unselfishly donated his ties in order to help sick children get through their ordeals. And then you add in SpooPoker, who donated toys to DoctorJ in the first place, and is now offering this tie up for donation. I wish the whole world was like this, and while I donate a few dollars here and there to various causes, I am anxiously awaiting the day when I have the means to really give back and help out whoever I can. The fine gentlemen (and occasional lady) on SF have served as a testament to the good that we as humans can do for one another, and I am proud to call myself a member of Style Forum.

Thirdly, I love the atmosphere of integrity and trust that surrounds the transactions here in the B&S forum. Before I came here, I was skeptical of internet purchasing on Ebay and the like. Here though, I actually feel perfectly fine with sending a complete stranger my name, address and money, because I feel confident that they are an upstanding and trustworthy person. Of course you'll get the odd case where something goes wrong, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

Fourthly, I love the fact that I could continue writing this post until my fingers were bloody stumps. The sheer amount of goodness and camaraderie on this forum could fill much more space than I have time to write right now.

I would love to receive this beautiful tie, and would surely put it to good use. I would also be equally happy to see it go to someone else who would enjoy it, so I will leave the decision up to SpooPoker. Thank you kind sir for this wonderful act of generosity. If you want a shortened version of what I love about SF B&S, see the OP by SpooPoker, and that will give you an idea of what I love about this forum.

Originally Posted by usctrojans31 View Post
I love that this board is like a family. It moves seamlessly, pun very much intended, to assist new members with fit, to experts with bespoke fabric. The board has members who are like brothers who look for clothing for others not to make a profit, not to look for some instant gratification, but because the members genuinely care about one another. Users are looking to help one another achieve their personal goals, look better, feel better, and not charge an arm and a leg. Sarcasm, like brotherly bickering, is part of what makes this forum great.

I know I can expect to see the same silly face posted time and time again in a thread where a new user attacks the general concept. However, what I love most about it here is that we are able to discuss style, and life, across generations, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, race, and even gender in many instances. Using this diversity, without the pretentiousness that we would often expect from a forum like this enables all of the users to grow. This is an online community like none other that I have ever been a part of, and for that reason, I'm glad that I moved from reader to registered poster.

Originally Posted by somatoform View Post
I love that I can win this Hermes tie and flip it on ebay for a hundred bucks.

Originally Posted by holymadness View Post
I love that when a package's contents are deliberately misrepresented in order to avoid customs charges for international shipments, my roommates think I am buying "USED MEN'S PANTS" online for $12.

I love that you can keep track of the forum fatties' weight changes by monitoring their closet cleanings.

I love that people earning >$100k a year spend hours meticulously posing, measuring, photographing and selling discount meanswear for a $30 profit.

I love that in a community with ostensibly agreed-upon definitions of 'taste' and 'quality', both Kiton and Banana Republic find a market.

I love that my postman now knows me by name and engages me in awkward conversation during the time it takes to sign for my most recent delivery. Generally we discuss how much I love used pants and how much he appreciates that I keep him in a full-time job during a recession.

But mostly...

I love being on the forum at 4 am and asking myself why the hell I haven't turned the computer off yet when I notice someone just started a thread to sell a pair of C&J handgrades in my size for $200.

Originally Posted by illeagle View Post
I love B&S because whenever someone is selling something in which pocketsquareguy is interested, I get to see those beautiful, tanned breasts in his avatar.

Originally Posted by JohnnyO12 View Post
Crap- I need to lay off the Makers in the afternoon.

Originally Posted by harry2quinn View Post
I love that I invariably encounter a higher level of intelligence and discussion here than on any other internet forum, but we're all such nerds about it.

(tongue in cheek) I love actually thinking of usernames of people on forum as their real names in my head, and thinking of them as I might some people I know in real life.

I love that I could post atrocious outfits in WAYWRN, get ripped apart from them, get mad at their jabs but keep posting and people actually acknowledge it and complement me on it (instead of holding my original inexperience against me) when I manage something decent from time to time.

I love knowing about the little details and lesser known brands (I know this is much more of a selfish thing, but hey everyone's vulnerable to feeling superior from insider knowledge) knowing about TaT, Kent Wang, Uniqlo, the gradations of RL's labels, Thin Red Line, etc... and most of all for the knowledge developed over the months to know which is good value for.

I love not looking like a slob anymore and wearing flipflops and jammies to class everyday.

I love that my friends all made tons of fun of me when I first started frequenting SF (I'm a student), and I didn't give a damn and kept doing it, and now they ask me for Gilt invites.

I love that I'm possibly more excited to visit India these days because I can get cheap bespoke there than because my family lives there.

I love that when I go to the tailor in India and ask for working buttonholes and roped shoulders on a fully canvassed suit, the guy asks me if I sell suits for a living

Edit: that is one nice tie to be giving away, BTW...
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the suspense is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!
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spit it, spit it!
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...and the Hermes tie goes to..........


What a great entry.. congrats brother. Wear it in good health, and good karma. May you give me a sick discount when you decide to sell your stuff on B&S.

Originally Posted by dibadiba View Post
Dear SF B&S,

I love you.
Not the way the round kid loves a pie.
Not the way a mother loves her child.
Not the way a king loves his court.
I love you like a bro loves a bro.

We've had our ups and our downs. Sometimes you're bumped endlessly. Sometimes you request 3% or PP after I've paid. Sometimes, you even go so far as to misrepresent the color of the garment.
All water under the bridge, my dear friend.

It's things like your surreal discounts that make me feel wanted; the way you shame the finest of goats by liquidating their cashmere to 15% of its retail value puts the curviest of smiles on my face, and the softest of touches to my nipples.
It's the way you include free shipping to Canada.
It's the way you throw in a shirt worth more than my purchase for no extra charge (yes, this happened)
It's the way you offer kiton quality at target prices.
It's the way you beckon me with your bumping-hardened hands, to give me items with the softest hand.
SF B&S, bro, I love you. I really do. and I'm not just saying this for the tie. I think we have something special. Something timeless, something perfect. Something I like to call my own.
For that, SF Buy and Sell, I salute you.

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Thanks so much!! I originally came to the buy & sell forum because there's deals too good to pass up, but reading some of the other entries as well, it's pretty clear why this is such a great place to shop. there's tons of sellers who go out of their way to make their customers happy, and the sense of community here really shows. thanks to SpooPoker for making a thread like this. I hope once I'm no longer peasant-status in the future, I'll be able to do something like this to give something back to SF. cheers and keep up the good work y'all
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Dang, I thought I had this in the bag. Congrats to the winner.

I will probably still have to buy a few of your pocket squares, so I may get a shipment from you one way or the other.
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