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Kansas City Tailor recommendations

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Read quite a few threads about what good tailors can do with clothing.

Looking for recommendations in the KC area. Not just who does tailoring, plenty of those, but one that you currently use that is good.
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Are you wanting alterations or bespoke?
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Alterations primarily for now.
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So this thread kind of died, but I'm in the same boat as the OP.

I have a few size 54 x-long suits that probably need to be around size 50 x-long now. I'm not a "true" 50, as I'm of a big-shoulder'ed build, but you get the idea.

So anyway, I need a good tailor in the KC area who can do more than just make minor adjustments.
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I have all my alterations work done at Rick's in Overland Park. I highly recommend them.
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I agree. Rick's Tailors in Overland Park. It's located near College and Metcalf, in a strip mall closer to that high-rise Sheraton hotel. The owner, Jeff, is a super nice guy. Great customer service - I've taken in several things, some he can help me with, some he can't. He can give an honest appraisal of what can and should be done, and he's even thrown me a few deals since I've come in so often (even though I wasn't always bringing paying work). 

I can't speak to any tailors in the downtown area, but Rick's is a place where you can talk shop, get stuff fixed, and shop for goods at a reasonable price. I found myself in need of several suits this summer and Rick's was the only brick-and-mortar in town where: (1) someone knew what I was talking about; and (2) he had what I wanted, at a good price too. If you like menswear and you live in KC, I think Rick's is your best bet. Hey, maybe we can hang out there on weekends like people do at Saturdays Surf NYC.

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I just recently re-located to Platte City for my job and need to find a good tailor that can do a few suits and a sport jacket.  Thanks for the input!  I'll check the shop out and take one of the suits to them to see if they can lower the collar.

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