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I did see some old pictures (the W+H days) of the heel counter coming up a bit more.  I believe they do rework things here and there, most notably the stitching.  The new derby and the parade boots have fairly different stitching at eyelet patch attachment to the vamp.  I prefer this a bit more as it gives more of a continuity to the paisley type of pattern theme throughout the boot.  I pretty much just deal in physical location, and the ones I've seen sitting on racks or during production all seems to have the vamp, quarter, heel counter meet at the sole (or fairly close).  Then again it could just be due to old vs new last batches.


Can't say I've found anything wrong with them so far.  If I have to really nit-pick, then the welt stitching on the brown pair could have been closer to the upper.  The non-branded "Topy" also seems a bit softer than the branded ones.  I've had the non-branded ones come apart at the tip before on another pair of derby (QC issue), but these are well done.  Personally, I am pretty picky when it comes to quality; I got about 30 pairs of good (GYW or Blake) shoes/boots and I feel like these are probably the best pairs so far - in durability terms.  I'll give it 2 winters to see how they hold up.  Even my most used shoes barely see the light of day once a week.

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Saw the brown ones on instagram. Both pairs look great.

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Chalbin.  What was the wait time on your boots?  I think they're quoting 12 to 16 weeks these days but was wondering if that's accurate.  

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That sounds about right for things that don't require Andrew to work on.  That means anything die-cut production line-based with material that is already in the shop (yes that's a big factor).  I've gotten things quicker than 12 weeks and others are taking longer than 16.  You can potentially call to see which model run is coming up next and if they can just make an extra of the same thing. I think 14 weeks is about the median (at least in my experience).


If you want brogue or custom cutting work such as Andrew Chukka, Vilvang Full Brougue, or the likes, then I honestly don't know.  The man has to work on them one pair at a time and he looked like he was ready to drop from working last time I saw him.


Personally I am pretty relaxed with my delivery dates as I have more shoes than I really ever need.  Just give them a call (be nice) once in a while to see where they are with your project and your should be fine with that time line.

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Anyone know if any of the w+h X dayton nubricks exist? Looking for a small pair
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2011 service boots in chestnut, recently re-soled by Dayton. Still love 'em. They took a lot of shit back in those days but I still love these boots.


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I have these boots in charcoal nubuck that I love but the sizing sucks .. I traced my foot and did the measurements and they originally put me in a 9EEE which is huge in the heel. Waited 12 weeks for these and had to send them back and wait another 9-12 weeks and they gave me a 9EE. A tad tight in the forefoot but still loose in the heel. Right now Im currently trying to sell them. They are basically new but I have a hard time letting them go. I have to tighten them a lot or my heel lifts every time I walk. Also the sole is vibram and it is hard as hell. So confused on what to do with them. Not sure if I should just deal with them and break them in or sell them and move on.


Still love the way the w+h ones look over the normal ones.


man, you got freak feet, who the hell has triple E wide feet, don't blame the boots for your problems, i am surprised dayton even bothered to make you a pair, if i were running dayton i would tell you and your feet to take a hike.

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