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Glad I got my chargeback in while I could. Couple more weeks and I have a free pair of boots to go up on B&S.
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hey im not defending their customer service or lack their of ... just saying that getting pissed about it on SF aint gonna help no one. if you dont like it, dont order. and if you did order and NOW you know how terrible the service is, call your bank/cc company.

everyone has a sob story now (myself included) so im tired of hearing all the blablabla this place sucks and quality is terrible. we know already. i got these for a good deal and im looking at it from that positive pov. if your experience sucks, we know so stop posting about it. if you have some constructive advice or experience then please post. everyone else post pics of your boots ...

lets all calm down and move on
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I think it's good to give feedback on things, whether it's good or bad, because other customers ought to know what they might expect.
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normally yes, but no one is buying these boots randomly. everyone who wanted won did it during the sale. the sale has been over for awhile now. so there is nothing new to be learned from people complaining

lol and if anything its only hurting the rest of us who get these boots, hate them and want to sell them on B&S cuz now theres all this back and forth. everyone keep quiet and silent so we can flip these tongue.gif
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I can't even chargeback anymore.

I actually got boots, found a huge hole, and sent them back for an exchange.
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Are you guys still dicking about with this company?
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Called today for the first time about the boots.  They answered immediately.  Apparently, they're ready and shipping out today.  Can't wait.  

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Got mine this weekend. I was all " finally"
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pics or didn't happen!

oh wait that's too harsh to say after half a year shog[1].gif
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Does anybody know where I can buy stacked leather heels so I can have a cobbler put them on my boots?  I bought a pair a while ago and they only had rubber heels.

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Not sure if I want to bring these to a cobbler to try to correct them or just flip on B&S.

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swaggerjack, you can't just buy leather heels like that, its a bit hard, you will have to find a supplier and buy in bulk, very rare these companies will just sell you 2 heels. Your cobbler will already have them, you will have to go through them.

binauralbeats, dunno why dayton did that, it looks very odd. those stitches are pretty big, if the cobbler were to undo the stitches he will have to fill the holes with rubber cement as it will surely let water in if not covered up. Ask for their opinion though, good cobblers are magicians. Are those stitches continued throughout the boot ? or is there just the 4 stitches peeking through on the side ? It looked as if the shoemaker sewed the boot on a slanted angle, and when attaching the welt to the sole, he sewed into the heel as well.
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Yep those stitches are very large. There is a hole on the right where they started to do another one, but must've backed the thread out. I'd rather have the patched holes than the way it is now. That stitching is confined to that one spot on the boot, which makes me think it's possible a good cobbler can fix it.
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binauralbeats// your avatar pic is very creepy I don't think it was like this before but the pixel is broken
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Finally got mine this week...they look alright but for the money and all the time I've spent waiting for them I have to say I was disappointed. The quality of the boots isn't that great, clearly they have rushed production and as a result they came out a bit poorly made. e.g both of the sole on my boots had visible cracks on the side. There are also some random white marks on the back of the shoes (not shown) and the leather used for the tongue of the boots is so very thin, etc Definitely not worth the hype!

Damn, those look hawt. Black nubuck? I might have to order a pair. What model are those red wings?
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