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what a bunch of friggin lowlives. The ISP for not renewing it and for snatching it up and holding it for ransom. Yahoo kinda sorta overcharges for the two sites I host with them but I've been down only an hour over the past year... Let's light the torches, grab the pitchforks and head on over to
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Let's light the torches, grab the pitchforks and head on over to
I say we don our Brioni suits and Borelli shirts and head over to break some legs.
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"Yo, Register-boy.... you wanna wakeup wit dat monitor all torn apart in your bed?" The difference between and a catfish - one is a bottom-feeding, scum-sucking scavenger.... ...the other is good with hush puppies and a cold beer.
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You techies out there can work around the situation by adding the following line to your 'hosts' file of your workstation:
This works, you just have to find your hosts file, usually located under your systemfolder (c:windows or c:winnt) in folder driversetchosts. Use Notepad to edit it. Notice that the file does not have an ending (like .txt) so notepad won't see it unless you tell it to look for all files. Alternatively you can so a search on your hard drive to find it. Important: Be sure to erase the line from the hosts file as soon as you don't need it, otherwise you won't end up on the right server if/when Andy (hopefully) moves it. Most of the time, the hosts file is plain evil but it can be a lifesaver in situations like this. BH
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Ask Andy seems to be back up, sort of. The site seemed to be down more than up even before this domain name debacle. Maybe Andy should just merge himself into the Style Forum. Pretty much the same group of folks on both forums. Would save the cross posting.
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I still can't get into the site, but here's the official line (excuse) and it has nothing to do with Janet Jackson's breast: I finally got in touch with both and XO. updated their servers and most of XO accounts connected with went down. The site should be up 24 to 72 hours from some unknown time yesterday. Isn't that fabulous customer service. I can't get TimelessRider's suggestion to work, but that's showing up my lack of computer literacy. XO said in emergencies the site could be found by adding to the URL, but that's not working either (I've tried deleting and not the .com after clothes). Do you think the excuse makes any sense? Should I change both registration and host server? XO says they have had less trouble with than other registration companies. On top of all this, I'm at our second home in Palm Desert, CA where I have a little Gateway computer that hardly ever works normally. Today it took me about 1 hour to get online. Now there is a lawsuit. The only redeming social value is that I did get to the local Steinmart store and purchased a pair of Alan Flusser dress trousers for only $29. I really appreciate the support.
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Maybe Andy should just merge himself into the Style Forum. Pretty much the same group of folks on both forums.  Would save the cross posting.
I would hate to see that. With all due respect to this forum, which I enjoy, I find the AskAndy forum to fill a different (more mature?) niche. I realize that's a generalization, but there is a difference. Long live the Ask Andy forum.
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Probably it's just me, but I didn't seem to find any references to styleforum on google. I did came across Andy's forum from google, however, and that's how I found it at the first place.
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