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Thread Starter seems to be "down." Anybody know what's going on, if it's being moved to another server or something?
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The domain registration has probably expired. The place looks like it's open for purchase.
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I think it's more of a server problem since I managed to access the site once, after the page with all the search suggestions first appeared. It seems to be down again now though.
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Andy really ought to find a new company to host his site. I know it would be some initial trouble to migrate it over, but there's always some problem with the one he has now. Let's hope it's back up soon.
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Andy, If you can read this, please know that we miss you. Please contact us if there's anything we can do to help.
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Friendlyone, great idea. I think your post echoes the thoughts of many of us.
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Guys: Spoke with Andy on the phone. Evidently the people he bought his domain name from took over the site on Friday for some unknown reason, and he and his hosting company are trying to get them to give it back...They were unavailable over the weekend.
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Gentlemen: Thanks. For some unknown reason hijacked the site.. I've paid them for the domain name and XO the server is trying to contact them. I've been trying to reach them. There was no one available by telephone over the weekend. They don't answer my e-mails. So I have no idea what is wrong. So frustrating. Andy
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that's horrible.   Hopefully they( fix this ASAP.  We miss your site, Andy.
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i smell a lawsuit brewing
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At least we know the plaintiff(s) will be the better dressed. Get 'em, Andy.
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If you need anybody to rough up the defendants, you know where to ask.
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You techies out there can work around the situation by adding the following line to your 'hosts' file of your workstation: I just made a test post after doing this and it works fine. You can't access the site using the IP address only due the way the web site is setup. Chances are that there won't be any worthwhile activity during this downtime anyway, so don't attempt this unless you're showing advanced withdrawal symptoms. Edit: Or maybe the site is back up and I'm just confused, because there are other people posting as well...
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Thanks, TimelessRider - sure enough it works.
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I hate these IP disputes. I hate those squatting "companies" that wait just until your domain expires, then snatch it up. Even more, I hate those companies you trust to keep your IP for you selling it to others without prior notice or agreement.
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