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does it have to be folk songs sung by skinny nerds to be indie?

or does post rock count?
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Originally Posted by Mr Herbert View Post
does it have to be folk songs sung by skinny nerds to be indie?

or does post rock count?

Now this is good music. I wouldn't call it indie though.
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Originally Posted by ektaylor View Post

Someone needs to catch up on his back issues of the wire.
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Slint is ur-indie.

I've been listening to Sirius XMU a little (ever since 'indie' rediscovered distortion and noise to some degree) - sometimes awesome, sometimes they play the most banal whitebread shit imaginable. Fuck the fucking Arcade Fire cocksuckers.
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Speaking of Slint, the Pajo album of Misfits covers is so, so good. Also I defy anyone to not like the Flaming Lips.
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Flaming Lips are incredible, shame that most people have only listened to Yoshimi and the stuff they've done afterwards... The Soft Bulletin is my favorite album of all time.

you know what indie band sucks? the decembersists
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'80s acid-damaged punk Flaming Lips - I'm down
everything after "She Don't Use Jelly" has kind of sucked, though. They became tasteful indie, music for douchebag graphic designers.
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If your music appeals to people who ride fixed-gear bikes and watch Adult Swim, you can fuck right off.
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Another thing that classifies indie rock is your band has to have a cool guy behind multiple tiers of keyboards and processors, and you must always control two different keyboards with seperate hands at the same time. Never two hands on the same keyboard. And preferably they be on two different tiers as well! When they aren't playing keys, they must have a maraca or a tambourine so they never stop 'adding texture'.
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Originally Posted by TheFusilliJerry View Post
People who get all bent out of shape about what is/isn't (insert genre here) are ridiculous.

only decent response itt
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Very underrated band, Hefner:
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One of my fav indie bands is tune yards! but the stupid bouncers took away my fake I.D cause they were jealous of how indie i was!!

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Joe made this profile, i have absolutely no affiliation with this website, picture, name, and, or band choice.


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Wilds Beasts, The War on Drugs, Cults are on my playlist these days.
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St. Vincent made my favorite album last year, hands down. Lykke Li second.

That being said, the current trend of bands over-reverbing everything to hide their lack of talent makes me miss the bands of I dug back in the 90's. Slint, Rodan/June of '44/Shipping News, oldschool Tortoise, Archers of Loaf, all those local DC bands. Glad that Polvo and Versus (fav band of all time) are back, but really I'm waiting for The Wrens to make another amazing album to show all these hipsters what a great band sounds like.
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