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Originally Posted by rnoldh View Post
If you are serious and capable PM me. You would do better now than at auction. They are looking at a 2 to 3 year window to disperse the cars in an orderly manner, maximize the value and not depress the market. Well, Thanks I guess. I'm just not of the hip hop generation nor an Obama man. The musician who I was with is a long time friend who is close to the car collecting world ( he has quite a collection himself ). As to the " rambling, crazy-old-man posts" there might be some truth in that. But as long as one person is interested ( and it is true ), I'd rather post about Howard Hughes, Frank Mann, Craig Cullinan, the Hunt Brothers, Rex Cauble, Ron Jeremy, Larry Flynt and other legendary characters than a pair of Selvadge Jeans. I think redcaiman said he reads my historical posts. If no one read them, I won't post them. I could do a blog, but I don't care to. There will probably never be an as large and eclectic car collection in the world assembled by an individual.
I always read your posts. They fascinate me and often prompt me to do further research. I am sure some keen people are going to make a fortune flipping some of those cars.
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WOW! Nice Nice Nice!

/swoon over the Shelbys!
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woo, and I see a 69? Boss is that a 429 or 428? I love those cars, pure muscle.
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Sorry to hear about your friend, my condolences.

That collection is amazing. Thanks for taking the time to post so many pictures.

I'm not a Big Timer, so I can't make a cash offer, but I do have a spare organ or two. I wonder if I could arrange a trade for one of those 427 Cobras...
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please tell the reverend he's in my top 5 of all-time list.
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That's truly a staggering collection.

My father is an amateur collector and would definitely love some of these cars--will be sure and pass these on to him. Vintage cars just have so much more appeal to me for some reason. Here are a few pictures from his garage. These are all his cars, minus the yellow Galaxie, which is mine.

Most interesting is probably the custom Tiger Sunbeam that has a crate motor in it pushing about 375bhp. It still has the original Carroll Shelby dealer plates.
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Beautiful cars. Awesome collection. Thank you for sharing the pictures..
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Originally Posted by Jumbie View Post
Sorry about your friend.

Not into cars but two things pop into mind - (1) it's awesome that he owned the Batmobile (two of them actually) (2) that Hank Williams Jr car is the most awful, tacky thing I can recall seeing in recent memory.

I guess you've never seen Mike Tyson's Ferrari Testarossa convertable.
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That Bugatti 57 Atlantic must be the most expensive car in his collection? I saw Ralph Lauren's at the Boston MFA exhibit...think there's only 4 or 5 in the world.

rnoldh, it seems your friend was really into the classics but how about exotics? Any Ferrari, Maserati, Lambo, etc. pictures?
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Did Jay Leno die? Also: this belongs on B/S. Let's make the biggest big timer sale on SF history.
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I assume the 250 GTO next to the "Bamboo Bomber" is a fake/rebody?
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That Hank Williams car is most likely a custom job by Nudie, a Nudie Mobile:

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Condolences for the loss and thank you for sharing. What a spectacular collection.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
That Hank Williams car is most likely a custom job by Nudie, a Nudie Mobile:

i thought nudie was a tailor? webb pierce ha a similar custom caddy - the interior was studded w/ silver dollars...

* i stand corrected: nudie did customize cars, and he did webb's (pontiac, not caddy)!
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