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Agnona of zegna- opinions

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Thread Starter I saw this while cruising on Ebay today... any opinions on this maker? Is the seller just talking them up or are they one of the good manufacturers that are still mostly unknown here?
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Agnona is a high end knitwear brand. I seem to remember they are along the lines of Loro Piana et al. Not quite on par with Avon Celli but still a quality brand. For some reason this brand always reminds me of Blumarine. Perhaps it's because I have a sweater by Blumarine that is similar to one by Agnona.
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He's not lying - Agnona is a top knitwear brand.
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It's not strange most Armericans are unfamiliar with Agnona. It was purchased by Zegna quite some years ago, but they maintain they own production. I would put Agnona on the same level as Loro Piana and Avon Celli in their knitwear. Agnona won the bid on Vicuna some seasons ago (it was banned due to the coming extinction of the animal, but the ban was lifted later), and now owns a few barrels along with Loro Piana. Agnona vicuna coats can be custom ordered from Zegna for about US$10,000. Vicuna has a micron width of around 12 to 13. I had some Agnona polo shirts before, just like that one on eBay you pointed out, which were probably overstock from Saks, who has stopped carry Agnona now. The cotton was light and the collar was comfortable. I think they were originally $350+ for cotton polo. At $40 it is a steal. However, as with Zegna, please know your size. Mine were a little on the large side, --- plus I lost weight and thus I sold them later.
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I think going by the dimensions of the various offerings the seller lists, a Large would suit me... they seem to run a little big. I fluctuate between a L/XL depending on the brand, mostly L.
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