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Originally Posted by PunctualAlex
Of course, that's not such a bad thing if you've seen engineering school women.

Drums. Cymbal
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My follow up thought to all of this is - if you're an engineer, how hard would it be to stand out even slightly.

I know there are some good looking female secretaries and support staff at these companies. If I was an engineer, the least I would do is get some decent jeans, shirts and shoes and in no time I'd be catching all the fish, so to say, that were available in the company.

Or would your colleagues make too much fun of you to do that?
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Maybe we can get EG to do some quick-release calculator holsters.
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Speaking as an engineer, I'd agree with that generalization, but it really varies company to company.

GM engineers dress a helluva lot better than their Toyota counterparts, and Honda engineers all get the same white Devo jumpsuit.
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Scientists and engineers used to know how to dress, especially the European transplants:

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Have a little predilection for physicists, eh? It is true, though we have had the occasional home-grown article. That's what I'm talking about -- making the concession of stripping to one's waistcoat and rolling one's sleeves when at the Bridgeport. Brilliant. Regards, Huntsman
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