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Originally Posted by Spizzy View Post
For the price there isn't anything I like more. I have one and wear it all the time.

just bought this same watch from amazon not too long ago, received it yesterday. I like it a lot, especially at that price point, its hard to find a sleek and sophisticated looking watch for less than 100 bucks. great watch for work and price can't be beat.
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Diggin #2 more than #1, but having so many dials on #2 is a turn-off.


Anyway, if the quality is still decent for this price on a watch, I might just do it. I have a Seiko that's seen better days (ring around face worn through the gold, scratched/chipped glass, band on its way out, etc).


Skagen still good? I really like the simplicity.

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I own one. Was in love with these watches initially, but now I'm not so hot for Skagen.


I feel that Skagen makes watches like jewelery, not true time pieces.

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I don't have enough money to afford "time piece". I can merely afford "looks decent and tells time". haha

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Better off spending a bit more and getting a Hamilton.

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you sir, need one of these.....

A Seiko Marvel, or a Seiko sportsmatic.  thin, beautiful, and mechanical.

-and better than a cheap "swiss" watch,

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