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Gray suit question

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I don't wear suits very often, but I'd like to have a dark gray suit around when I need to.  I'm trying to decide between this  Gucci suit and this Armani Collezioni suit.  Does anyone have any experience with these suit labels and/or any opinion on which one I should get?
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You realize the Armani's a three-piece suit.....
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The Gucci suit is much higher quality although it says it is unavailable. I would try looking at for a similar suit.
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Neither cut is very classic, but if I had to chose I would go with the Gucci (but I would prefer a darker grey). I like the darker grey on the Armani but the shoulders are far too round for my liking and the cut too baggy, which is typical of this brand in general. If you're looking for a suit with both class and trend I suggest Canali. Remeber the rule to chosing a suit: colour, cut, fabric (in this order of importance). This is because no matter how good the fabric is if the colour and cut are not right for the occassion then you'll look really out of place. The rule of thumb is avoid light colours. Go for a dark shade and contrast that with either a brighter/bolder shirt or tie (but not both). Happy shopping.
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