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Are these boots too casual for a suit?

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I recently bought these boots and have worn them out (with jeans) a number of times. They are very comfortable and probably best all but a few of my sneakers in terms of comfort. So, my two part question is as follows: Are they too casual for dress attire? If not, will they look silly with slim(mer) pants, particuarly the buckle?

The pants in the last picture are not yet altered. I would ideally like these to be taken in, whether or not I pair them with the boots. Thanks in advance for your comments!

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the boots maybe fine, personally i wont wear these with a suit, but most won't even notice the mismatch as i have seen atrocious things worn on feet by people in nice suits.

however, functionally, these boots are higher up on the shin, than let say chukka boots, which you can wear with suits, sort of higher than a regular chelsea boot as well.
the chelsea boot has a little loop thing on the back end of the boot opening (dont know the correct term) but i do believe it is there to prevent the pant leg from snagging and getting caught in the area between the boot and the calf of your leg. these boots i may think will make your thinner trousers like your dress pants shown to get caught and have problem with its drape.

not to say that the boots are atrocious.
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Isn't the loop there to pull the boot on? Anyway, no to suits, yes to slim pants in casual situations. In fact, emphatic yes; that will look great.

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The boot loop does nothing to prevent trouser legs catching on the top of the boot - in fact, it facilitates this sartorial crime.

I don't think the boots in question work.
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No. These boots should be paired with an odd jacket (in a not-too-delicate fabric) and a nice pair of jeans. But not with a suit.
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Great looking boots. I really like those. But I agree with the others. Awesome with jeans, good with odd trousers, say tweeds or other winter fabric, but not with suits.
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I like these boots. Not with a clean crisp suit though. But if I was out slummin' and had an old thriftstore vintage suit that was a bit roughed up I think these boots would look great.
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Another "not-with-a-suit" vote - definitely nice and would be better with jeans.
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Not with standard business suit, due to size of buckle. With casual or vintage suit, or with some suit-inspired pants, sure.
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+1 on "No" with a suit

and +1 on "Yes" with jeans+odd jacket

also, that pull tab on chelsea boots is mos def for pulling them on because it does get in the way of slim trousers when you are going from sitting to standing, and that tab can make the trouser rest on it at the back of leg
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Thanks a lot for your comments, everyone. I'll just reserve these for jean wear, which is everyday anyways. Thanks again!
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Who make those boots? They're very fetching!
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Nice boots though.
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ok, i always thought the loop was to prevent pant snag.

that makes sense, pull up the boot.

but i do notice boots of a higher cut do tend to snag the pant leg more so than a chukka boot or a lower cut boot.
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I think most would assume it's a monk
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