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Best denim shop in NYC?

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What's the best place to buy denim in NYC? I haven't bought new jeans in a year and I used to just go to Gap, J Crew, or BR. I now want to buy a nicer pair, most likely in raw denim that everyone raves about. I would also like a slim fit on the verge of skinny with a price tag of $150 or less. Any suggestions?
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Self Edge or Blue in Green, depending on which brands you want.
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Self Edge Blue in Green Seem to be the two obvious ones with more raw denim that you can shake a stick at. Edit: Zissou beats me to it....
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At $150 or less, APC store is an obvious choice, or SE for slightly costier 3sixteen or BiG for something on sale.

Why do you need a thread for this?
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Not sure about the under $150 part, but try a place with APC or Naked and Famous (BiG carries N&F). If you can go over a little, self edge has 3sixteen jeans for about $175. I'm wearing the ST-210s right now and love them.
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Barneys Co-Op
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dave's (if you're into plain levis), blue in green
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For 150 or less, check out Epaulet's line. Blue in Green is always worth a visit though.
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Unfortunately out of your budget, but the Rag & Bone stores (Christopher St. location especially) are a lot of fun. The RB23 sounds like what you're looking for, but the raw selvage version is about $100 out of budget from your description. I would also check out Odin and Helmut Lang if they still have any men's jeans on sale. Most HL stuff is crappy quality these days, but I give the jeans an 8.5/10 for materials, construction and details. On sale they go as low as $80.
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APC Jeans are going to go up in price to $165 (maybe they already have) but that being said, Jean Shop is a cool store, as well as the RRL stores. For a selection, def. Blue in Green..
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