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Chicago Bachelor Party

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Trying to plan a bachelor party in August for a college friend originally from Chi-town. Any good recommendations on things to do?
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invite me I am a great guy to have at a bachlor party!!
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A cookout followed by a Cubs or Sox game depending on your friend, dinner and then bar hopping/other entertainment.

If you want something a little less drinking themed, try paintball or Dave and Busters.

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Chicago has so much to offer, you'll likely have a hard time narrowing it down rather than trying to find stuff to do.

I'm an hour and a half away, and make a few trips down there. Always a blast, great night life scene, plus bars are open til 4am (not sure what bar close is in other parts of the country, but in WI its 2am...lame).
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You may, at some point, need some entertainment.

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If you are into night life check out Crobar. They can set you up with tables and a private bartender if you would like. Its my favorite place in Chicago, I cant recall I night that wasnt wild at Crobar. crobar.com

Another good location is La Passage for some afterhours fun but tends to be a younger crowd.
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