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How to get Rid of a lot of clothing......

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Hey Guys...

Looking for suggestions on an approach to a problem.... I'm getting rid of a ton of clothes.. and need to know how best to do it... Im just not going to wear my Ralph Lauren stuff anymore... or the RL Rugby Stuff for that matter... so how do i get rid of it?

Theres a lot .... maybe 120-140 RLPL shirts and 60-80 Rugby products (need to count it all).... Most stuff is worn once tow twice or not at all... and everything meticulously care for....

Does ebay work? but it sounds like a nightmare typing all that stuff in.... and mailing it... I don't think they'd like me post stuff like that on here...? and anyway I think i need to make 40 posts before i can sell anything (there was an announcement when i joined I think i recall?)

How do you figure out what items are worth?

Whats the best way to get this done???

Thanks ...any help appreciated
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RLPL gets a lot of interest in the B&S forum. You will also get a better class of buyers on here than eBay.
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There will be quite a bit of interest in the RLPL, and since I'm assuming you're not in a rush to sell them, you can just list them 20 at a time or something.
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Just pick out a smaller lot, post it here and see how it goes.
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I recently went down a few sizes and had a similar conundrum. Selling a shirt for $20-$30 (all you'll get for a used shirt, no matter the maker) is not worth the time photographing, measuring, replying to PMs, packaging, shipping, standing on line at the PO or UPS, etc... It works out to a loss in my book. I decided that getting a little less per shirt and allowing someone else to deal with the hassle is a better route for me. Personally, I'd sell only the NWT shirts here and any RLPL cashmere or suits, but bring the rest to a consignment shop or eBay reseller.
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i hope you are a RLPL 15.5....
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post
i hope you are a RLPL 15.5....

Yes anything in this size should be considered sold in a matter of seconds.
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i am hoping for a 17.5
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What size are you in Rugby? I may be able to buy a lot of your stuff in bulk at a rate that will work out for the both of us. Pm me.
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basically just sell everything to me...PM me and we might can work something out
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