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Shoe Question for Allen Edmond (wide feet) patrons

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Greetings. I have been wearing Allen Edmond for 6 years. Mainly because my feet are wide. I wear a 12 E. All the Edmonds I have bought are strinig - tied, not loafers. I want to buy a pair of loafers. Does anyone that wears a 12E Allen Edmond have success with both loafers and tie up? Any recomendation on Cordovan or Calf-Skin Burgandy?
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I get AE's in e width, but don't have the loafers. The burgundy is a great color, can't go wrong with that.
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I have one pair of AE loafers (from their dress shoe line, not from their handsewn or Italian lines). I'd recommend getting a single width narrower...I wish I had.
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i would recommend going down a half size rather than going down a width (i.e., try a 11.5E).
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i have the AE Cameron in burgundy calf and actually i didnt have to adjust my sizing as i normally wear 10D, my Cameron is 10D as well.
so far i havent experienced any stretching with my AE, as is common with my gucci and ferragamo loafers.
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I probably should rephrase. In general, whether you need to go up or down a size, or sideways along the widths, when wearing loafers v. laceups, is going to depend on how suitable your foot is for the last. A lot of people just go for something comfortable in laceup, and tighten the laces for fit. That might lead to a loafer in the same size being too long lengthwise or too big widthwise - since you wont be able to control the fit with laces

So, unless you're lucky enough to find a last that is a dead ringer for your foot, or you naturally wear your shoes tighter than most, you might need to tighten up a width or drop a half size or so.
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I wear a 7EEE in the AE Concord and my 7EEE Glenfield slip-on fits pretty well, but perhaps a bit too long (a 6.5EEE is not wide enough, however). It's also a touch tight in the vamp, which shouldn't be an issue unless your instep is even higher than mine.
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