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Dressing up a sweater. Helped needed please!

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First of all I'll say that I'm a college student and I'm dressing pretty casually most of the time. I own two cashmere sweaters that I really like. One is a black button cardigan and the other is a light grey v neck. I wear these sweaters casually all the time. I'll usually wear them with a shirt from American Apparel - a henley, polo or something similar.

Here is a picture of the sweater over top of a green henley shirt. I think it looks good for really casual dressing and it will give you an idea of what the sweater looks like. I'm sorry the picture isn't better.

I do have the need to be a bit more dressed up on occasion. I'm not ready to go out and buy a suit just yet because I refuse to buy a cheap suit and don't have the money for a nice one right now.

I have a nice white dress shirt that goes well underneath both sweaters. I'm lost when it comes to what pants to wear. I would like to pick up one nice pair of dress pants that would go with both the grey and the black sweater. I also want to pick up a few more dress shirts in colors other than white. Finally, what kind of ties should I be looking at?

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Charcoal trousers will coordinate well with both sweaters, as would many other colors (I wouldn't try navy or brown/tan trousers with a black sweater). I like to wear collared shirts under V-neck sweaters. Since both of your sweaters are neutrals, you could wear shirts of virtually any color. I would especially favor pinks, blues, and lavender (with intensity of the shirt color depending on your skin and hair coloration) with the gray sweater. Edit: Any kind of tie should work--stripes, neats, paisleys, etc. I would favor ties with a minor color from the shirt and/or sweater or with a ground color of a different shade from the sweater or shirt (e.g. a light blue shirt and a tie with a dark blue ground). Here is a site with information about coordinating colors and patterns: (scroll down the page and look for the section heading "Coordination")
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Why the spray paint on the face?
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It was a dorky pose haha, I took the picture for my girl friend.
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Bow-ties would work as well.
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Muted brown dress pants would work fine with a black sweater, but that wouldn't work so well with the gray sweater.

A skinny tie probably wouldn't work for you.
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