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Tailoring shirt sleeves

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has anyone ever tried shortening their shirt sleeves through a tailor? How much should I expect this to cost? Should I specify how I want the gauntlets to look(I don't want a completely disfigured sleeve but I need to remove about 2-2.5")? Or is this act of sartorial surgery completely impossible? norcal
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I've had it done many times. Any competent alterations tailor can do it for $10 or $15. The correct way to do it is to remove the gauntlet and cuff, shorten the sleeve, and reattach the gauntlet and cuff.
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2"-2.5" is significant. It would be difficult to re-do the sleeve without shortening the placket. Taking off from the top of the sleeve would affect how the sleeve fits in the armhole, and may cost a lot to do. I've never had a sleeve shortened. I've usually gone to a different store to find the same shirt in the length I need. I remember that in summer 2001 Neiman Marcus charged ~$10 per sleeve, couldn't say what Nordstrom or anyone else charges, though I've heard that it's no more than ~$15.
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