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Originally Posted by rc121 View Post

But those opinions based on first hand knowledge should be given that much more weight. The inherent purpose of a pair of shoes is to wear/walk in them. You may be able to compare construction, leather options, etc. between makers, but you can't give an opinion on something that requires first hand knowledge like fit, comfort, service, etc.

All that assumes that your (generic "your") personal experience is universal...or ought to be. And that's demonstrably not true--across the board. More than that, it strikes me as a particularly arrogant assumption, no matter who expresses it.

You can stick your foot into a pair of $50.00 Walmart running shoes and by virtue of the built in cushioning, pronounce them wonderfully comfortable, supportive and subtle. But others may not experience the same thing. In a group of one hundred, size 9A feet no two will be identical...even on the same body.

All fit/comfort considerations are subjective. All "style", appearance, value considerations are subjective. All personal experience is subjective unless profoundly mitigated by data, logic and experience originating outside of ourselves.

Unless all factors relating to the premise are taken into consideration.

And if Walmart quintuples the price on those same shoes, will they be overpriced? If you put a swoosh on the sides will they be overpriced at ten times the price? What about quality? material? construction standards? Because that's what it comes down to--there's simply not a significant difference between $50.00 running shoes and $200.00 running shoes.

Similarly,...all things being equal...there's no significant, objective, or major difference between the quality of one tannery's calfskin and that of another.

One person may like the finish of a particular calfskin...but in most cases, esp in the absence of any real understanding or comprehension regarding the way finishes perform (and are intended to perform) on calf, etc., it's again, just more emotion, more subjectivity. And of no importance to anyone but the person whose preferences are being expressed.

In that same context, one person may like a smooth, opaque finish with no regard to whether such a heavy surface coat is more prone to cracking than, say an aniline finish. Yet, the aniline finished leather may not last as long as the top coated finished leather...depending on how diligently the shoes are maintained.

Another person may prefer a crust that has been finished and polished to a fare-thee-well during make-up.

The bottom line is that no matter how fervently you believe that your opinions represent a universal truth, they are nearly irrelevant for anyone else unless that person is your newly awakened clone.

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Originally Posted by justsayno View Post

Pricing is an Art as well as Science. If the market cannot bear the cost, St.C would have to lower its price to extract maximum profit. It doesn't matter to St.C what you, the individual consumer think what a fair price is, St. C cares about what the market thinks. And the levers to change what the market thinks are Product quality, features, Pricing, and Marketing activities(advertising, blogs, videos, roadshows).


Good point here.

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I will have a few pairs of Vass soon, but even before I receive them, like Roger said, the fact that you can have 3 pairs of Vass compare to 1 pair of St. Crispin, makes me willing to purchase a lot more of Vass than St.Crispins.

While I admit my pair of St. Crispins is the nicest shoes I have, but it's also the most expensive, 1750 AUD, compare to the next expensive JL Paris 1400 AUD, and with G&G and EG on sales, around 800 to 900.

Vass direct is only around 600 AUD, so I would compare them to G&G and EG, in saying they are good value.

With relation to price, I would say St, Crispins MTO is better value compare to JL Paris, and G&G MTO.
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Originally Posted by dtauton View Post

come on the St Crispin's bandwagon has been rolling down Style Forum for many months now


All of the sudden there is a huge related thread, there are trunk shoes everywhere


It all has the hallmarks of the sadly now common Style Forum hype machine. I venture that the difference is that now things are more commercila than say 3 years ago. All these affiliate threads promoting the hell out of shoes. then dropping them, 'famous' posters getting 'paid' in some way to provide on going running positive comentary


whatever happened to 'poor' Carmina ? the number of references to it is now much lower.

The funniest cases are those that take a live of its own like Mermin. The brand became so hot that when the tide turned they had to become affiliates to get some protection from complainers


It is all good fun

StC has been popular on this board for quite a long time. This thread itself was started in '09. Carmina is still very popular. I don't see your point. 

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wurger - I am looking forward to seeing your Vass selections and hope you enjoy them.



Originally Posted by jaywhyy View Post

StC has been popular on this board for quite a long time. This thread itself was started in '09. Carmina is still very popular. I don't see your point. 


I don't see it either.

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Originally Posted by dtauton View Post

Quick answer: you are either newcomers and/or interested parties and/or brand groupies

Longish answer: After being in SF for many years I lost the motivation to argue about these kinds of things. You see no commercially lead bandwagon effects? fine, you are right, life is good.



Quick answer: you are completely wrong.

Longish answer: not worth the keystrokes.

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