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Brands/Stores You've Abandoned Since Joining SF

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So brands and stores you've been abandoned since joining SF? And what're their replacements?
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Abandoned Neiman Marcus. Replaced with B&S.
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I've completely abandoned Macy's. I used to think it was a great place to shop. Now when I go in there I can't find anything I'd want to buy, even if price was not an issue.

I've pretty much replaced every store with Daffy's, B&S or online stores. Sometimes Ralph Lauren stores too.

High end dept. stores are too far away for me to travel (no car).
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This is like asking someone to renounce their mother. I won't play.
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i thought macy's couldn't get any worse then i saw the switch from polo RL to Lauren RL.
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i cant see myself ever stepping inside another menswearhouse again. I was a very slow learner at first. It took me three suits (two still brand new), one trench coat (never worn), one peacoat(rarely),one white dress shirt(once maybe?) and two pair of dress shoes.
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Macy's isn't even worth going into any longer. Bloomingdale's is sliding off my radar too. I love Nordstrom's but am losing the desire to return as often as I did. I do troll Sak's, Sak's Off-Fifth, NM's Last Call, Faconnable (we've got their first "outlet" which carries current season stuff - woohoo!), and a local Barney's outlet. I troll EBay too. But primarily, B&S has me hooked because of the rare off-center stuff that comes up. 80% of the clothing aquisitions that I've made in the past year that I like the most came from B&S. In fact, probably all of the remaining 20% indirectly came from B&S in that I learned of brands or factors there and hunted the items down elsewhere. I really think B&S's seemingly endless grab bag of surprises - not staples so much, but the constant trickle of things I've never seen anywhere else - is jading me from even bothering going back to stores (at least locally, here in Orlando).
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Originally Posted by calisanfran View Post
Abandoned Neiman Marcus. Replaced with B&S.

+1. Same goes for Macys.
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I've had problems with Neiman Marcus since seeing first hand just how ridiculous their markup was. My go to story is that I was there, saw an Etro shirt that I loved for $500. The next day, I was in Manhattan and saw the exact shirt at the Etro boutique for $265.

I get profit making, but that's just absurd and unnecessary.
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^^ really ? I would think that the pre-sale price would be same for both the boutique and the stores
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Brooks Brothers, and most of the stuff from Ralph Lauren. None of the clothes have any personality, didn't suit me well. Now I get most of my formal stuff from random midtier designers like Acne, Fillipa K, etc. And I've basically replaced most of my basics with stuff from Alternative Apparel.
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Neiman Marcus, Macy's, and probably some other places I can't think of right now.
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The mall in general. Overpriced and under....crafted?
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Kenneth Cole, Gap, Banana Republic, Aeropostale, American Eagle... you name it... I was the poster child for mall stores a year or two ago. My sartorial evolution began before I came here but it has progressed alot faster since I found this place.
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