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I drink lots of green, black and oolong tea! Be careful not to drink it too hot. Supposedly, that can cause throat cancer.
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i wonder if is just hot liquid? then anyone eating soups, stews and such would have high risk of cancer throughout history.
or something in tea in conjunction to heated water?
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Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs View Post
I drink lots of green, black and oolong tea! Be careful not to drink it too hot. Supposedly, that can cause throat cancer.

I'm not sure I entirely trust an Iranian "study" about tea, although common sense dictates that scalding your throat with hot beverages may cause chronic inflammation and, subsequently, serious problems.

Prior to adding tea, you are supposed to let the water cool down for about 5 minutes. Aside from these reported dangers, high temperatures may also degrade or completely break down the beneficial polyphenols,
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I'm drinking some green tea right now to cure my hangover. It's working pretty good.
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Hi, I just found your great forum yesterday and this is a threat where I can provide some (hopefully interesting) information. :-)

I like Japanese culture and green tea is my main beverage for years.

There are a lot of different green teas existant that differ greatly in taste, quality, caffeine concentration and, of course, price. You can drink it warm or cold and it is said to be healthy. I like best sencha, kukicha, gyokuro and matcha.

I recommend this video on YouTube about tea production:

That cancer-thing from hot liquids should be no problem with green tea as it should steep in warm, not hot water. The highest-quality teas demand the lowest temperatures as they become bitter otherwise.

There is a nice website from a Japanese tea manufacturerthat explains the basic ideas of Japanese green tea in a quite amusing way.
Maybe, some of the more phantastic assertions could be sort of exaggerated as they want to sell their tea but I like the website though :-).
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^interesting, i'll read a bit.
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I always drink a lot of green tea - but i'm paranoid lately as i have been told it can give you quite bad breath if you drink too much....?
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I take a few green tea pills when I'm tired and I have to go to the gym. I feel like I have more energy, but it could be placebo.
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I think it's best to drink tea because you genuinely enjoy it, not because of health benefits it may or may not have. I like the Japanese green teas sold at For the past year or so, though, I've been drinking much more Taiwanese oolong and Chinese pu erh than Japanese tea. Discovering "real" tea is one of the better and more exciting things I've done, regardless of whether it's improved my physical health.
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I Was Hear The Green Tea Helps For Loosing Weight
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I've heard the same thing, especially from some relatives (they're all common, senseless folk), that tea helps in weight loss. But after doing a little bit of research on it and with the help of my anatomy/physiology instructor, I've learned that most teas are merely diuretics (meaning they help you urinate more often). Through this increased urinary discharge, the body eliminates more water weight, such that when a person steps on a weighing scale they get the impression that they have actually lost mass when in reality they have not. Cautious optimism with tea, gentlemen.
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well, the thing with me is about the green tea ( i have been drinking it for past 3 weeks now everyday 2 cups ) is that it acts as sort of a appetite suppressant , the same that coffee did for me, but without all the acidity, the cream /sugar, and caffein (im not sure how much less the green tea has but im sure alot less). and that has helped me lose some weight at least in that respect.
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never knew it could cause throat cancer ... i need to look that up
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Interesting. I've been drinking tea a lot when I used to live with my parents (Asians...) but never did feel my appetite being suppressed in any way. Maybe it's just because I have such a voracious appetite and there was an abundance of food at my parents' place that I just didn't think twice about it. Now that I live on my own, though, I'll have to give it another look.
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Polyphenol antioxidants is high in green tea. It have also long term benefits. It is useful for hearth and if you want perfect diet then drink couple of glasses of green tea a day.
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