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Originally Posted by manofstyle View Post
I had switched to front squats because I prefer the more upright stance, but I'm finding front squats tough on the wrists and tendons in my hand so I'll likely return to back squats.

Just let them rest until the pain goes away, then resume. There's inflammation in the tendons from them stretching. Eventually they won't need to stretch anymore so there won't be any more pain.

Edit: These threads suck.
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not bad but i would move DLs to wednesday MONDAY heavy squat bench press bent over barbell row close grip bench press (until you can do weighted dips) weighted wide grip pull ups WEDNESDAY light squat military press (standing) deadlifts weighted chinups FRIDAY repeat monday but try to increase weight slightly even if it means doing less reps on your last set and you can throw in some ab exercises anywhere you want.
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im a fan of the generic legs/shoulders, back/bis and chest/tris.

squats+deads is overkill imo.
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I am a time poor family man with some weights (dumbbells, bar, bench) in the cellar and a free 30 minutes in the evening to do what I can.

I am aiming for a more athletic build and no hugeness, if that was even possible. I seem to focus on arms, chest, shoulders and back. I occasionally do some cardio intervals on my rowing machine, but that is only about 5-10% of my workouts.

This is what I do, what should I keep and what should I change?

Workout 1 - All 4*10
Dumbbell Bench
Dumbbell Flys
One Arm Dumbbell Rows
Tricep Kickbacks
Hammer Dumbbell bicep curls
Shoulder shrugs

Workout2 - All 4*10
Barbell Bicep Curl (often switched for hammer curl due to pain in one forearm)
Barbell Row
Barbell Cleans
Barbell bench press
Lying Barbell Tricep extensions
Barbell upright Row

I switch between these two workouts and do maybe 4 sessions a week.

There are some overlaps between, would it make sense to split these into more focused sessions?


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