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"K-Fed" cleans up

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Just to show how decent attire and a clean shave and haircut can do wonders, even if the person inside is still a jackass...

from this...

to this...

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Wow is that the same person?

Course he went from trash to a nerdy-boy look.
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Still a gold-digging ho.
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Now he needs to clean up his wife.
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I saw that in an interview he said his kids were going to have to work for a living, no slacking. Pot meet kettle...

Good to see he cleans up pretty well.
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I bet a) he did not tie the ties himself; and b) he can't keep this look going.
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I thought this tie might be more appropriate.

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The fit is off, but he looks much better. Small steps...

(I actually like his hair best in the second picture. But the shaved face is a definite improvement.)
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He looks even more smarmy cleaned up.
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He looks like Joaquin Phoenix... but with even less talent!
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He looks like Noah Wylie...
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am i the only one that thinks he looks better prior to his "clean[ing] up"?
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Originally Posted by grimslade
He looks like Noah Wylie...
lol. maybe the lovechild of noah wylie and ashton kucher?
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I just saw Access Hollywood do a story on this right before I clicked here. He definitely has access to the funds to keep dressing better than most folks who actually care about dressing.
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This is an amazing transforming. I had to look several times at the facial structure to believe it was the same person. I like the first picture of his transformation best, but I think the last one actually makes him look comfortable.
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