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no regrets when i had these:

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Originally Posted by micbain View Post

I don't really know anyone else who has a pair (double monks) so I always get compliments on them. They are my favorite pair. Oddly enough, I don't like single monks.

+1 despite having both.

Originally Posted by idfnl View Post
Dump GF, get monks. Snuggle into SF's bosom for comfort.

SF... a wonderful but brutal place.....
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I don't know too much about C & J -- fine shoes I'm sure -- but I'm a Church's man, and I would strongly advise first trying on the pair you're contemplating. There is something especially tricky about a monk strap. Careful of the largish, SF-approved models, with elegant, long tapered lasts that end up looking like m'f'ing gunboats on your person. I like the Westbury and the Beckett models from Church's. The new 173 last is an improvement on the earlier, somewhat clunky 100 last. Monks do look good with jeans, are still pretty rare in the US, and really only start looking great when thoroughly broken in. I aver, choose based on the all-important and subtle last shape in your Northampton shoes, regardless of brand.
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I have two pairs that are now a couple years old, but have worn each pair only once. I like them and am glad I have them, especially the Lobb Vale, although I thought I would have worn them much more by now.
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I fully endorse monks. I'll add mine to this "shoegaze" thread. C&J Malverns on 341 last:
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Very nice, sir.
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I'm up to 6 pair of double monks and can't find enough of them. Single monks as well - fantastic - you will not regret.
Buy a pair in black, beat the hell out of them and leave them unbuckled and the indie chick will approve
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My wife always told me that monks looked like a homosexual man's shoes. Then I bought a pair of brown suede AE Standish. She's convinced. Now I just have to convince her about the Florsheim Imperial Longwings i picked up today.
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Must be confident to wear said monk,
will draw attention,
funny shoe for many people.
Me like the attention they draw,
keep people guessing.
Me only got 6 pair,
hard to find high instep,
no double monks
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I have several pair: 2 pairs of JL Vales (most recent sale, chestnut and black), black Chapels, and burgundy Ashills. I got them for more casual wear, but find myself wearing them more than my oxfords with my suits. I haven't regretted any of the purchases. People comment on them all the time, I guess I'd have to concur with you that they are not common in San Diego...
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I got the JL Vale, JL Chapel, and the Corthay Arca Boucle. Not a single regret for any of them.
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My Harris double monk. I wear them with grey slacks and black jeans.

My next pair will be brown, and a little less pointy.
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Originally Posted by Shikar View Post
No regrets either.......


Shikar, that monk in the middle wouldn't happen to be a JLP in a US 11.5 would it?
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ha. i was looking at those same lowndes on ebay, but decided against it. glad someone else here went for em.
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Originally Posted by glenjay View Post
Shikar, those monks wouldn't all happen to be JL in US 11.5 would it?
Fixed. Yes, they would... Regard
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