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Originally Posted by m@T View Post
I'll stop you there.

I know Tommy, have met him personally when he came to Vietnam a couple of years ago, and chat to him occasionally on IM. He has been a long-time poster but mostly terminal lurker here. He is not a sock puppet, a shill or anything of the sort. Last time I checked, he was a Georgia based med student.

He has always been a CF customer of both shirts and ties (hell, I believe he was one of the people that talked me into my first purchase with CF years ago). He bought into this thread a couple days back, and I asked him whether he was made right on his last purchase. He was. He has made a follow up purchase and received product within days...which is great for him.

So while I understand the skepticism given the history and Tommy's low posting activity, I can vouch for the guy. I think this thread needs evidence that CF is attempting to right its wrongs, and Tommy is the first to provide that.

Thank you, Matt.
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I think M@t is Audrey.
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
It took the Internet to teach me the the feeling, the emotion, the drama, the sheer passion that was possible about neckties.

For that, I remain ever thankful to Al Gore.

- B

Don't you mean Aldo Da'Gora

Much more flare than Steed but not as much as Rubinacci.

I never met Chuck F. but know many people that speak of him highly.

I did meet Ken Lay but barely knew him. Many that I know spoke of him very highly.
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim View Post
I think M@t is Audrey.
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Originally Posted by iammatt View Post

I think that the fun value of this thread has just about played itself out. Unsubscribing.
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OK. I'll stop trolling this thread. I better stop before I'm perma-banned.
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I have a package at the post office from CF. I will pick it up on Saturday and report back.
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So what did you get ?
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Originally Posted by Styk33 View Post
I have a package at the post office from CF. I will pick it up on Saturday and report back.

i received a note from Jill (followed by USPS confirmation) that the ties i selected as compensation for the order I made awhile ago is on the way. i'll report on what i get, but at the moment it appears they are trying to make good. no additional money has changed hands.

we'll see what happens.
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I received three ties today that were a replacment for one I paid for a few years ago. This is a good start to trying to prove they could be trusted again; at least in my book.

Now if they get some new stock I might be interested in order another tie to two from them.
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Long long ago, I bought a tie from them when they first started. It has been a good tie. Then came the years of seeing them get ripped for ripping everyone off, but the product it self I was happy enough with.
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I also received three ties to make good on an order that they never delivered. I'd rather have my original order but I am content. Would I order from them again? Yes, if they had a tie that I really like and it was in stock. They have to earn more trust back before I would place an order that would take a long time - specifically longer than I could have my credit card company perform a charge back.
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I use Win 7 and have for about a year. It (or google chrome) has a security feature that warns on websites that have malware.

Due to this thread I went to the website and got the big red warning that proceeding would lead me to a site that distributes maliscious malware if you proceed.

I only have gotten this warning once before and I was following an interesting story (think Tiger Woods and his women) and went to a site that generated the warning. Later googling confirmed that many that had visited said site got viri.

I have no dog in this hunt. I have 2 CFs purchased several years ago that I received without problem. I think it was the Ask Andy tie (remember the 2 blues) and the SF model (remember cream with a red and grey stripe.

Proceed at your own risk.

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One of the funny things about all the CF drama (both this time around and a couple of years ago), is that despite their customer service problems for everyone else, they mistakenly sent me TWO of the "official" StyleForum tie after I ordered one right before they went under.

So I guess my experience was a rare success story.
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
More than anything, the disqualifier for me is the stupid name.

- B

Originally Posted by dl20 View Post
I also think its funny how a guy named Chuck Franke came to sell ties under the name "carlo Franco"

Can someone make a name generator that produces Italian sounding names from our own?


Voce Sartoriale!
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