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Personally, I don't believe that shoes which feel "tight" will ever break in to become comfortable. I also do not believe in wearing any shoe that would make it uncomfortable to spend a day walking. I agree proper sizing is important, and yes, my feet are larger now than when younger. Much of your body alters size as you get older, and it seems never for the better.

Still, I do not think I should need to stretch a shoe to improve the fit, it should be the correct size and last right at the time of purchase. I know it can be difficult to find the right fit, but once found, buy up all you can. It's never worth developing a corn or bunion because you KNOW that the shoe is marked as the right size for your foot. While wearing athletic shoes will certainly feel different than wearing a dress shoe, you should still at least be able to walk some distance in your dress shoes. Weather permitting, I walk to and from my office each day, which is about 1 mile from my home. If a shoe doesn't pass that test, it's not meant for my feet.
The only problem with this idea is that with some shoes, if they fit "exactly right" when you first buy them, as they break in they will get looser and not fit right for the next 5-10-15 years you want to wear them. If you buy these shoes just snug enough, they break in and fit perfectly for a long time.