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What do you think of these watches?

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Second one is brown-banded. Both are Automatic.

What do you think?

P.S. First post, hi guys
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Hi, David

If I were to choose one over the other, the second would be the choice because of the balance in dial size to the strap width.

As is evidenced by my recent shoe choice, I go for the plainest, most classic look achievable. White or black dial, stick indexes, dome bezel, unembellished bracelet for summer and leather for winter.
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I don't like either one.

Certainly as your primary watch.
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Neither. Not a fan of skeleton watches, they are too busy. If you like too see the inner work, go with something like Hamilton Open Heart perhaps.
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get a Seiko, the cornerstone of a watch collection!
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I personally really like skeleton watches, however from a watch-geek standpoint I wouldn't buy or wear either of the watches pictured. Again, personal preference, but a skeleton watch is the look-at-me of the watch world, and if you are going to wear one, and thereby call attention to your wrist, it IMHO should be from one of the elite brands (Blancpain, Zenith, JLC, Lange, etc) vs something you buy out of the back of a Maxim magazine or online only (Stag-Steur or whatever). Again, speaking for myself, it would be better to wear a simple Timex or Seiko which basically states "I don't give a damn" or one of the basic models of the brands I listed above (goto to learn about high-end watches--the brands I listed are just a smattering of whats out there) vs wearing a knock-off or a look-at-me watch. Unless you also wear Ed Hardy on the weekends.
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I like skeletonized watches. Cheap ones on the other hand look like crap...
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