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Originally Posted by somatoform View Post
coogies by the flat head:

If you want to pay the crazy price of $250.

I like the ones from APC:

especially this one:

The flat head shirt is very nice.

I would call both these simply plaid shirts - they are not made of madras fabric. Look at the LE or Jcrew shirts posted above. Madras fabric is softer/thinner and more of a loose weave than the ones you posted. This is a common confusion today, sadly.
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How can I tell if the fabric is actually madras and not just a plaid print on cotton fabric? Does anyone have any macro shots comparing both?
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No long sleeve madras offerings from LE??
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Originally Posted by seany View Post


Nice. That shirt looks way better on you than it did on me when I tried it on at JC.
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Nice shirts, this thread inspired a blog post about Indian Madras Now I am on the hunt for actual vegetable dyed madras.
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The J. Crew shirts are excellent, on the long side but lean, the drape (as far as drape goes for cotton) is good too. Also, those APC shirts are in fact madras, they're doing a whole madras collection this season.
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Well, shoot. I posted this as a new thread, but should have just posted here: The Ralph Lauren X JCPenney "American Living" line is currenltly on sale, and they have a very serviceable madras down to $24 from $50. Not worth $50, but the fabric is very nice, and the fit is outstanding, if you size down.
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hi seani, that shirt looks great on you and i was thinking about it as well, you got a medium i suppose, what are your shoulder and p2p measurements, if i could ask? i would like the shirt to fit similarly
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What about madras neckties? Does anybody have a source for them?
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Originally Posted by inkwretch View Post
What about madras neckties? Does anybody have a source for them?
J. Press. Barney's has some too, from Gitman Bros. I think.
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Here's a couple of unusual madras shirts I thrifted recently.

Vintage Gant - it's like a safari shirt, but made of a solid light blue madras. Note the three pockets on the front and the buttons on the outer sleeves for buttoning down the sleeves when you roll them up.

Vintage Willis & Geiger from when they still manufactured in the USA. Huge horn buttons, two buttons on each chest pocket massive locker loop, the back is a separate panel, and elbow patches!

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I wear L in Brooks Bros is that L in J Crew or is it better to go for an XL?
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