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Presents from myself to myself... an ascot, a silk scarf, a dress shirt with 'butcher' stripes, a long-sleave t-shirt.
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howard yount gray twill trousers PS starrs opening ceremony overcoat 3x bb extra slim fit OCBD's bottega veneta scarf
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Three V neck sweaters, chuncky cardigan, down vest, Ipod, Canvas Duffell Bag, Stanley Thermos, Soaps....

And a promotion at work.
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An aquascutum messenger bag, ralph lauren plain T shirts which fit remarkably well if you size down into kids sizes, ralph lauren wool zip up, chloe sunglasses, 6 pairs of wool herringone pantherellas and my great grand fathers gold cartier ball point, which is probably 60 years old. Apparently I have something coming from yoox as well, which hasn't arrived. Also some money, which will be spent this monday at the sales on some Lanvin.
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-purple plaid flannel from target. apparently by shaun white. boys size large. contemplating darting the back. am i stupid?
-famous stars and straps t-shirt
-sony MDR-V700 headphones with a 1/4 inch adapter
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Oscar de la Renta Cable Knit Sweater
Gap pajama pants
Texas Small Firm Practice Tools
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15 AA tees
Black jacket
Lots of socks.
Lots and lots of socks.
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zealous stormbow of fortitude on guild wars
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Originally Posted by Easily Amused View Post
Presents from myself to myself... an ascot, a silk scarf, a dress shirt with 'butcher' stripes, a long-sleave t-shirt.

I think I will do this approach.
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From myself to myself from Thanksgiving until now: WWM Maine Guide jacket - from SF affiliate (Farinelli's) Krane Ayling in navy - from SF affiliate (Farinelli's) assorted J. Crew shirts and polos on sale 2 BB extra slim fit French cuff shirts BBBF oxford - from SF BBBF cashmere argyle sweater in navy blue Lanvin sneakers gray Varvatos boots sand suede Clarks DBs - from an SF PSA navy Prada zip cardigan gray Malo sweater Gilded Age jacket - from SF W&H hoodie - from SF affiliate (Detour) Begg scarf - from SF Evidently I love myself more than I thought. Er. Also, SF has cracked my wallet open for lots of purchases.
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Everyone knows not to buy me clothes so I got mostly cash, cps (best wrapping ever always from her), my staple deodorant (lol), house slippers, 5 exquisite aged habanos from a fellow sf'er, and most importantly my pop out of the hospital.

Plus I was my own santa see rp for the past month.
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Buffalo Shirt Jacket from my Wife and a great new wallet.

I have taken care of myself while shopping.
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my awful family doesn't believe in buying me gifts
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Parents bought me a Breitling...was pretty speechless :P

Girlfriend got me some SNS Herning

All in all...a great day
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My Burton T6
a lounge sweater
boondocks DVDs
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