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Your Best & Worst Purchases of 2009

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2008 thread here -

For me,

Best/Favorite/Most Loved: Ervell Harrington

Worst: J Crew knit, looked like garbage after one wear
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margiela robe
lanvin smoking jacket
dries cardigan
+pretty much everything else I copped

worst was a jil shirt I bought that was the cotton version but turned out to be nylon so promptly returned (can't think of anything else)
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I would say worst was Clarks DB's Best is either Alden Chukkas or W+H Boots
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Best: Hard to decide on just one, but I'd have to say one of my DBSS knits as they are quite amazing. Worst: Wings + Horns tiger fleece hoodie; looked terrible on me.
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Best: Wolf vs. Goat before dinner shirts.

Worst: W+H flannel
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Best... Worst... Impulsive, didn't work for me, lost cash money. Hopefully works for the guy I re-sold it to.
Originally Posted by Johnny_5 View Post
Worst: W+H flannel
This is madness. The one I got in 09 was not my favourite of the 3 I have but on the whole these might have been the best purchases for me EVER.
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Best: Oly. barbell, 255 lbs. in plates, squat rack, starting strength book, rowing machine, lots of whey protein Thrift and B&S steeze (Yoko D herringbone cardi/sportcoat jawn, CdG shirt, blackwatch Pendleton, woolrich hunting coat, Hermés ties, that cool-ass boater hat, ridiculous plaid pants, nice tie clip, etc.) Worst: Some shitty concert tees, maybe? It was a pretty baller year for me.
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Best: Rick Owens/drkshdw purchases. Leather insert pants, cords, basic tees Worst: A couple of BoO shirts. Quality of that brand, in my mind, has decreased dramatically for the price.
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Best: EG spring jacket on a huge discount, Gap CPO shirt

Worst: I lost the important half of my hiking pants so that kinda sucked. Koto chambray, too much of an impulse buy.
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no way you can use more than half of the 255 at any one time
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Best: APC Derbies, W+H Tiger Terry Cardigan

Worst: EG Denim from B&S, BAND shirts from Gilt with inconsistent sizing...
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Best: APC Jacket, Vintage Work Boots, KMW 1980s - essentailly the perfect fitting pair of jeans for me. Worst: Alt apparel basics, sizing was really inconsistant and the fleece fabric pilled like crazy.
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Originally Posted by Racove View Post
no way you can use more than half of the 255 at any one time

Why would you buy only what you can lift? Jesus...
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Best: Alden black nubuck boots

Worst: Clark's DB
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Best: J.Crew slim chinos. My go to casual pants.
Red Wing Gts

Nothing I really regret.
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