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APC Slim Denim

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Sorry if this has been discussed before, but what are these new APC Slim Denim jeans on their website, they look rather nice. Anything tried them on yet?

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I was also curious about these. Mostly interested in the denim attributes, and I wonder if these stretch as much as other APC jeans. There is 1 guy with them over at mynudies.com who posted a picture in the gallery.
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I´m trying to order the Slim Jeans online, but size 29 is in pre order for now, I did contact them about it and they gave me this extra advice:

If you are unsure that 29 is your size, order size 30 -- most people have had to go up one size in these very slim jeans

I´m new to the brand and never tried on a pair, I was ordering 29 after reading other threads (http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...surement+Index)

I would like it really fit, and I´m concern if it will stretch, have some one any clue?

I´m 30 in Helmut Lang 10¨ front rise jeans ( waist mesurament: 40cm almost 15 3/4 inches-15.75)

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the APC saga continues...
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hmm thinking of a slim apc too but the stretching is always a concern
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The cure isn't tight enough? Hell, the NS and Hipster are already pretty damn tight
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Did you guys notice how the description for the NS's on APC's website says "by your choice you may wear them slim, loose or baggy." cracks me up. They must have read LA Guy's sizing guide.
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Beefcake, be careful where you wear that belt buckle.
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