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IC/PSA Swaine Adeney Hard Briefcase <$300

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SOLD There is a Swaine Adeney Brigg hard briefcase for sale for $239 at the Double Take in Santa Fe. The interior looks immaculate, but the exterior has pretty extensive superficial scratching on one side. I think it could be restored and look real nice, but I don't know for sure, and I don't know how much people pay for these things used. If someone is interested, let me know. I can't guarantee anything now, but I'm sure we could work something out. I could even pick it up tomorrow and overnight it in time for Christmas for a premium, possibly. Thanks guys.
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PM sent
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I hope I got that in before you
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11:42pm here ... :-)
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Dibs if no one else claims
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ill pay 10x the asking price, just so you dont get it
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I'm sure he would accept
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I posted some cell phone pictures. I would have bought the thing this afternoon, because of the level of interest, but I noticed that the one corner is a bit busted. I think the pictures do a pretty good job showing the damage. The scratches aren't too bad, and I think the corner looks worse in the picture than in real life. The case is a little darker than the pictures suggest. It doesn't really look like the case has been used, because the interior is perfect. It's almost like it was stored for awhile and then banged up. The key is still in the little tassel thing inside. I would need 350 after shipping and packing materials to make it worth my while to go back.
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Let me know your PayPal account name, and I will send the money today.
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Great briefcase, well worth the asking price.
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????? Haven't heard anything...I hope it was still at the store...Argh, the anticipation!!!
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This seller is senior, and he seems to have a great reputation on SF. But I am not hearing anything back from him. I have sent several PMs and .... nothing. Do you guys think he is -- understandably -- just a bit busy because of the Christmas holidays???
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I do know it's sold (not to me unfortunately)
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I feel left out of this whole process. WTF?!?
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Hi Brett, I pm'ed you. The case is sold guys.
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