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Originally Posted by giraffe lookout View Post
So... should I size down 2 sizes like a.p.c. or just one size.
About 1 size down. If you can button them, then they fit.
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Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo View Post
Do you work at Standardstyle? Seems that you are trying hard to promote the store and his line. I walked by the plaza store the other day, but didn't feel like going in.

It's a good store, but has a limited men's selection. It's nice to support local businesses.
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Originally Posted by zzzzzard View Post
Is anyone familiar with the new Baldwin Denim? The guy who owns Standard Style in KC came out with the line about two months ago, and I tried on a pair in the store yesterday. They're remarkably stiff - I had trouble walking around.

They're priced at a little under $200.

I'd like to hear any other thoughts on them, because I was thinking about buying a pair.

I'm not sure why this guy thinks they are so stiff. I sell this denim, not at Standard, and it is one of the softer raw denims. Not nearly as rigid as Naked and Famous. Even the new Kurabo, though stiffer than the Cone denim, has a nice hand.
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Probably his first experience with raw denim. It all feels stiff relative to the washed stuff.
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The cuts are pretty dang cool. Main complaint is the exposed selvage coin pocket is very gap denim.
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anyone know how the cuts (Reed, Henley) compare to APC?
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Super stoked to get a pair, just need to try them on before. Baldwin has more steez than most brands mentioned in this forum...check them out
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Henley looks pretty similar to APC's PS...I've been looking into the Henley faded wash, and I like them alot.
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yeah I got the Reed in the California wash, was reluctant to pay that much for faded denim but finally pulled the trigger after a few weeks... couldn't have been more pleased with the cut and overall look... like the fit more than my APC NS, although they're pretty similar. ^ The henley is definitely closer to the PS from the measurements I got.
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Nice! Yea, the price tag is holding me back a bit as well, but I'd love a pair of quality denims that I could actually tuck a shirt into without an indigo mess.
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Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo View Post
For 200 dollars, you can do a lot better. It's made by the same place that makes paper denim and cloth. You can read about it in Ink from a couple of months ago. Assuming you are from KC, I would suggest you go to halls and try a pair of N&F. It's a bit cheaper and I think better in quality. But again, for 200, you can do alot better.

I know this is an ancient post but I thought I should mention that Halls also now carries Jean Shop.
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Love how the posts have been changing from "what is this brand" to people giving them love. Baldwin is a great brand with quality denim and awesome fits, definitely a good brand to check out as they grow. Recommended denim for sure!
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Could you please tell me how the Baldwin jean and the Dior jean differs in quality? I need specifics and not because you prefer the name of one label of the other. Also please don't say because one is stiffer than another. I want construction and fit facts. Could you or any of the other denim experts please explain the denim quality difference between the two companies as well. Please don't use weight as an argument because we both no weight doesn't have any effect on the quality of the cloth or at least we both should know. Please don't use company names either because we both know or should that that doesn't mean anything either.
For the record, I support "Standard Style and Baldwin jeans. Sorry to single you out but I think if one s going to judge they should at least know what they are judging.
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hmmmm very interesting.
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I think I've gotta be close to the 45 day mark so I can post in the buying and the selling forum....doesn't seem like Baldwin is gettin the respect they deserve here or on Superfuture judging by the lack of posts

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