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Feit Sneakers

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Anyone familiar with Feit? I saw some at Barney's in March but I wasn't really interested in shoes at the time (I'm very narrow focused, I move from obsession to obsession). I couldn't find a homepage, but found a good view of a selection of designs here: . Some of the designs are a good alternative to Chucks and the like for a high-end alternative. This is all based on looks however, as I've never handled a pair. So what do you guys think? Anyone have additional info. or know anything about the quality?
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the quality is A-1. they're great shoes, but they run at about $AU250 here. they are a lot chunkier than chucks.
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I think they lack the classic simplicity of Chucks.
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Those look exactly like the huge skate shoes my mom wouldn't buy me in 6th grade. I don't see the comparison to Chucks at all.
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They look nothing like Chucks. If anything, they're descendants of the Stan Smith. They're very nicely made, and I believe they're made in the USA or Britain or some other first-world country (which is their main selling point). I like the aesthetic, and the design principles, but I don't like the current styles. Too chunky and bland skate-ish.
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i liked them until i tried them on. they look funny to me on feet. and i didn't find the construction amazing or anything either.
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Hm...don't like the fact that they're chunky. I was making the comparison to Chucks as a basic template, not a revision. I agree though, they do resemble Stan Smiths. Also, they're made in Australia. I'll have to hunt down some more info. Still don't think I'd get a pair unless I found them on sale.
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Feits come highly reccomended by sneakerheads in the know, but I don't know enough about them to suggest or pan them.
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did u ever buy the feit shoes?
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