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Obviously, all of you guys are retarded who said I should "pay for shipping fees blah blah blah". If you were me, you would have done the same. I have done hundreds of transactions on ISSforums alone. I know my stuff.

JonDoe is also TheDon btw. Not calling him a scammer. But buy at your own risk.
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It still doesn't change the fact that you over reacted without being 100%. Are you right? Probably. There is still no reason to do all this shit. If he is not answering his PMs, take it up with paypal. You bitching on here isn't going to do anything for you.
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Well now I know that SF mods don't regulate BST threads. And making a thread will HELP fellow SFers from being potentially scammed. We're here to promote a safe and secure BST mall.
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its called the buyers/sellers feedback thread. When you are sure you got screwed or are getting screwed, post it there
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now that this is resolved (right plei89?), i think we can now end this thread, and move on with our lives. plei just go and flag this dude in the B&S Feedback thread, so everyone else can see.
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The guy i an obvious scammer, i got scammed too! please get this guy banned.
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He was the guy a couple months ago who scammed me. Sold me fake Jimmy Choos. WTF.
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caveat emptor
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Lesson learned: the one who accuses another of overreacting, is probably overreacting.
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Originally Posted by LatinStyleLover View Post
Before you even won these glasses you were complaining about how long it took him to answer his email to you. You wrote: "PM was sent 2 days ago. Please check inbox." So it seems you are aware, or should be, that he does not check his PM's regularly, even when he is selling something.

Now, based on circumstantial evidence at best, you have decided that these are fake? Before you have opened the box and seen them you have already pre-determined they are fake? This sounds like Buyers Remorse to me. If they are fake then you absolutely should be refunded, completely, but the idea that you should be refunded without verifying the authenticity of the glasses smells of Buyers Remorse. The fact is, you made a deal and bought them from him and if they are indeed real, and for now we must presume they are, then you are obligated to purchase them. You can't refuse a parcel simply because you "think" they "might" be fake! That is ludicrous!

Without any hard and fast evidence you have done nothing but defame this member and it bothers me, tremendously, that someones name and reputation can be so badly damaged without any real evidence. Once you get the glasses and have them authenticated then, and ONLY then, do you have the right to sit here and destroy this guys reputation and, in that case, I suspect everyone here would back you up 100%. The problem is you have now stated you are going to refuse the package without verifying the authenticity and that stinks of breach of contract, in my opinion, not to mention it leaves it out there that this guy is dishonest and I certainly don't know that from your posts.

I don't have a lot of posts here and when I had even fewer another member sold me some incredible boots. I didn't know what was really going to arrive and their was even a weeks delay in getting them to me, but once they finally arrived I was completely blown away by what I had received and very glad I made the purchase and that he took a chance on a newer member. You need to relax a bit, IMHO. Open the package when it arrives and get it authenticated. Post the results here and if they are fake we will support you all the way. If they are real you need to do some serious apologizing, to everyone, but especially the seller.

was it the Gucci boots i sold you
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