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Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post
A newbie question, do you guys wear gloves to protect from blisters, if so what's recommended please?

No gloves.... man up.... rowers and blisters go hand in hand...
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Have not posted here in a while, but glad to see that more people have turned this into a type of training log thread. Pretty cool. Have been quite busy myself with everything so my online activities get cut short to checking emails from my blackberry

Well, I have to say I love this time of the year. It's bright early in the morning and late into the evening... Makes the early mornings so much easier I think! I won't bore people with the ins and outs of our training. But as with most crews this time of the year, we have been on the water mostly. Winter is when the serious fitness work get's done, now it's just a matter of keeping everything ticking over and focussing on the OTW sessions.

Seat racing, 2k erg tests, and various other performance measures to aid crew selection are all behind us now and we have started to become comfortable as a crew again. There hasen't been any drastic changes, but a switch between 4 and 2 seat has been working out well. So that's the VIII... Have been rowing in a 4+ too. Out yesterday for a technical paddle. Wasn't expecting much considering an hour and a half earlier we had just collapsed on the slip after a tough work session in the eight. The 4+ was running extremely well between strokes, solid off the finish... Maybe we were just so tired after the work session that everyone was naturally relaxed The combination of this four is working well. We have our stoke, seven, four and bow from the eight.

All in all I think this is a great time of the year. The fitness is strong from a hard winter of training, the crews are set and water sessions are all about getting boats moving nicely. To the newcomers on this thread, I urge you to stick with it. I owe this sport so much and I think all rowers will agree to that. Sure, there are gonna be times when you don't make a crew selection, or pull a shit 2k time, or feel like jumping out of the boat because it's not sitting level..... but stick with it and you'll see that good outweigh the bad 100 times over! Those 5am starts, blistered hands and hours spent training are all forgotten about when your in a boat and it's running well. Even more so if it's running well as your bow ball passes the finish line ahead of everyone else!
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Originally Posted by johnkav View Post
I owe this sport so much and I think all rowers will agree to that.

+1. Something about crew made me a man far more than any other sport or activity.
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nice post johnkav.

i've been erging 70-80k per week (gonna up it to 90-100 pretty soon) and lifting 2x per week. 2k test coming up this saturday. i want 1:40 or less but realistically i'll probably pull something in the 1:42 range.
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last workout before 2k test, taking tomorrow off.


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The single is going well. I'm starting to like it more than rowing in bigger sweep boats.

I've logged 296,013m so far this summer, and hope to break 500km by the time school starts back up. I'm racing the single and an eight this weekend at Chicago Sprints.
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Read a study linking working out as a team (as opposed to alone) can lead to increased pain thresholds. I totally agree.

That is all.
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Haven't kept up with this thread too much lately.

Raced at IDR in Philly and it's obvious that I hadn't raced in 4 years, nevertheless for the first time in the single! Will give a better go next summer. At my peak, post college, I was around 215lbs. after being roughly 182 during college rowing/training (195 the following year because of more lifting with my erging). I'm now only 10lbs more than my collegiate weight, right where I was when I graduated, and great for the summertime/beach season. Will be running during the upcoming week (random fact - my 5.5mi loop takes me right past where that "jackass" decided to off himself in a 911 GT3...)

Will probably hit the erg this week and see where I am.

Originally Posted by johnkav
I owe this sport so much and I think all rowers will agree to that.

Originally Posted by rjmaiorano
+1. Something about crew made me a man far more than any other sport or activity.

And I agree with these statements 110%.
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Were you able to row/erg a lot while adding the weight? I'm about your size now, 6'2" 195; optimally I working to be a semi-lean 210/215. I spose upping my calories is a must, but I'm weary of excessive rowing while bulking. I feel like it will counteract my bulking effort...
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Took silver in the junior men's single today at Chicago Sprints. Not content with that, but satisfied for now; felt like I laid down two damn good pieces. Sorta hammered at the moment anyways. Kid who ended up beating me was kind of a stud, 6'4 lightweight with a 6:30, who medalled at youths. Also got 7th in the 8, which was ok for a boat that had 3 different programs' rowing styles represented, that'd only practiced twice.
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I have been using the rowing machine (actually I'm the only one) at my gym for about a month now. I just watched the concept2 video and need to make a slight adjustment to my technique for it to be proper. I'm just wondering, when you guys are posting times like 4x2K 1:58.1 @ 2K, etc.. does that mean 1:58.1 for 500m? What resistance settings are you guys using? Just wondering as I'd like to try Monday and post my times using the correct formats and measurement.
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Yeah, that would mean 1:58.1 per 500m. And generally, most people use a resistance setting between 3 and 4 (or 5). It's most similar to the actual resistance of rowing on the water, and rowing at a much higher resistance could hurt your back.
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chris, you might wanna check the drag factor to get a better idea of the resistance. at my gym there are a couple of machines that when set to 10 have a drag factor of 100-110. the machines should be at 140-160 when set to 10. you want a drag factor of 120.

like wmmk said, the 1:51.8 refers to the average pace per 500 meters. it's similar to a runner saying he did 5 miles at a 7min/mile pace.
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what's your peak power? what's the lowest split you can attain using full strokes? this is always fun to do cause it's fast and doesn't hurt. i pulled 1:16 the other day.
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fellas, uh ... is there some secret technique to not crushing your nuts when using the erg machine?
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