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Boston Filene's Basement

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On a whim I went to the Boston F.B. today and was, for the first time, amazed at all the great stuff. I'd say there was over 50 pair of Domenico Vacca pants, in wools, cottons, and linens.(I almost bought a great pair of navy blue flat front pants, but I'm saving my buying for my July NY trip). There were also pants from Belvest, Brioni, Polo, and more. There was a bin where I found a few Borrelli shirts, some linen Loro Piana's, some Brioni's and a lot of Barney's store brand stuff. I say the nicest belt I have ever seen, a light tan suede Borrelli, almost pulled the trigger, but boughht some Joesph Abboudd underwear and Polo t-shirts instead.
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Did you see any good deals on dress shirts. Can you share some of the prices for the items you saw on sale.
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the Borrelli shirts I saw, mostly smaller sizes, were $149, a good price, but no steal as they can be had on Ebay for $159 all day, there were a few Brioni's, 42's and 44's I think at $180. Some Loro Piana l and xl's at $150. A lot of Barney's label in various sizes, don't know who makes them. Oh ya there we're 2 full racks of Oxxford suits, some really nice looking linens and some super soft super 120's, I would have sworn they were cashmere. Also a whole wall full of Polo belts, some of the nice ones from their website too, mostly $29. Hope this helps..
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how much were the vacca pants?
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Both Chicago FB's had a lot of Vacca stuff - $4,000 cashmere jackets for $799 or so, lots of nice sweaters and pants for $110 I believe. Charvet shirts for $110, a few Brioni shirts for $100 plus 30% off. They also had a lot of nice things from Mitchells, Richards, Bergdorf, etc.
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anyone going back and would consider letting me know what sweaters they have in euro 56? my fave zip vest is vacca and he does a LOT of great colors.
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